The Merari Migration

Abraham begot Isaac who begot Jacob who wrestled with an angle of HaShem and his name was changed to Israel.

In ancient times this name would have also had the Paleo Hebrew name of IsraYah, meaning the People of Yah as

in the word Halliluyah. The El and Elohim connection became an integrated part of the Hebrew language in the late

period of the progression of the lettering systems known as Hebrew. The language was lost, then recovered in the

modern form from 1500 CE to 1948 with normal progressive phonetics from Yiddish and Germanic forms in Phonetic

vowels and lettering systems. The Masoritic progressions of the early 1800s took on the Greek vowels with a Germaic

form which excluded the AH "A" between the Yod Hey to avoid speaking the name of HaShem within certain words.

It was replaced with the EH "E" sound to allow for a separations from YHWH being spoken by non-Jews, and put

a V for VAH in the Vav letter to progress from the ancient Waw sound. These four lettering systems, used

throughout the history of Israel, took on the Babylonian Talmudic forms of mixing language that many purists rebel

against in light of Biblical prophetic verses which foretell the restoration of a pure language where all call on the

creator with one consent and one name. This separate language system barrier was just one of the points of contention

between Jewish sects by the time of the first captivity in 722 BCE. From about 1600 BCE the migrations and mixtures

with Egypt was begun even with the Levite tribes like Merari and his sons who went to Egypt as recorded in the Bible.


Tel Zayit Stone shows in depiction above the ancient Paleo form of Hebrew found in a cave to be the oldest from of Hebrew. 




The modern did not become spoken again until the development of the language within the last 500 years, and only with

the rebirth of the state of Israel, was made the common language of the Jewish people. Thus when many look at the Idea

of a Merarite migration, and the conversions of some large parts to Christian type doctrines by free will or by

force of the Catholic Church, it is made clear that a Roman effect was upon the Jewish people from 300 BCE to today.


Many ignore the facts of this influence or even that the language of Hebrew had died, was unspoken, and had to have

linguistic CPR to be reborn. This process caused in great part a Catholic influence on the Religions of Jewish sects, and

a Germanic and European type of romanization over the concepts of Judaism.


With that important fact in mind, that what is Jewish at the time of Moses is not the same in the Assyrian invasion of 722 BCE,

and not the same when Talmud was added in 500 BCE and mixed with doctrines that to this day cause separations between Jewish sects,

is no less true than the Ignored Roman 70 CE changes that made the beginning of Yiddish, and possibly the identity of who is a Jew,

a question that demanded a more close investigation.


In about 1500 a Jewish monk of the Catholic Church did work on the Hebrew birth for the Pope and the emergence of a Zionist

political move was beginning to form into the protestant reformation and the work of the Catholic church to force more

Jewish conversions. The Jewish problem, and the eventual Jewish solution, was inspired by Catholic dogma and attempts to

maintain the ideals of Jesuit training in propaganda and infiltration to subvert the views which oppose the papal supreme rule, simultaneous to

the Protestant view that the return of the Jews to Israel as a state, would cause the return of Jesus. This was a Heglian Dialectic method to

effect Jewery in Europe which no doubt had changed the landscape of Jewish thinking from 70 AD in Europe as did the rapes and murders

of Romans did the landscape of DNA from that time.


Hegelian Dialectic.

“...the State has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State...

for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.” Author  -historian William Shirer, quoting Georg Hegel in his book 

“The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich(1959, page 144)

In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels)

used Hegel’s theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism.

So by the time that 321 AD to 325 AD of the common Era appeared with Constantine's decrees of doctrine, citing and exacting denial on all things

Jewish including Sabbath, and abstention from Pig, the formation of the forced conversions as recounted in Foxes book of Martyrs, became

burning at the stake and other heinous acts at the resistance of even believers in Jesus who dared to read the Bible. The Jews upon conversion

by force at pain of death, were made to renounce all things Jewish, eat a pig meal in public, and claim Jesus as Messiah and the Pope as the

voice of G-d on earth. Those who refused were killed and tortured unto death.


So by the time of the Second Temple, the corruption that lead up to the division of what has become known as the lost tribes of Israel, may

not have been so much a concern with the Romans and Jewish leaders, who were themselves not even Levites, but Roman or as Josephus recounts,

"Purchased positions" to become High Priest and "appointments of Cesar" (See Merari Merrick Ref page).


So if even doctrine had been romanized, and the influence of Babylon and it's doctrine had change what was accepted as Jewish, which is a sad fact

of history to spite resistance to repentance from such anti-Torah religion of both Jewish and Christian practice today, Then graping this concept

can open the understanding to what has become known as Cohanim by men's doctrine and traditions, and what is a true line of the sons of Jacob

and the sons of Levi, one of which was Merari.


So if we come today and say that you can not walk a dusty dirt road without leaving footprints, then we must see where the original footprints are,

and what documents are left telling us who made them. If we take both the DNA SNP maps, and the Phonetic roots, along with Genealogy

from the Bible and mans records, from the earliest pages of history, then we can see who is Merari and who is Cohen vs who is appearing to be

because of the purchased favor and position of the Roman authority.

In 840 BCE by Mesha of Moab. Mesha tells how Kemosh, the God of Moab, had been angry with his people and had allowed them to be subjugated to Israel.

There we find the Moadite Stone that recounts the usage of the YHWH for the name of HaShem, which show a preamble of sorts of this second migration

and the eastern branch of those who had left before in the first migration of Merari. Remember, Merari was not the HIGH PRIESTS, but those who set up

the temple and carried it's parts, the builders of sorts, and by the biblical account, musicians who player music over the temple service.


According to Dr. Davies of Oxford University, and her studies of the embalming process of the Egyptians, all the mummies in the British Museum tested

positive for the presence of two chemicals, Nicotine and Cocaine. Thinking it was just that those who moved the mummies may have infected the

bandages being coke drinkers and smokers, remember before 1940 Cocaine was added to such drinks as Coke Soda and no laws prohibited it.

Yet when the deep bandages were tested on over 45 mummies, the though of cross contamination was ruled out.


So this lead to the idea that the Egyptians came to South America long before any modern claims to the discovery of both North and South America.

There was a claim in 1400's by an Italian Merico who said he had discovered a land which he called America, but in fact, he had never been there.

His source was later found to be Merrick Indians who had crossed his path on voyages in the south Pacific and islands of the Atlantic.


So to check this theory, DNA was taken from the Merrick Indians and the results were clear that both Egyptian, Jewish, and R1b lines were in these

Indian tribes. In addition, the mounting evidence that had been suppressed for years by the educational institutions and governments, that in fact the

American Indian Artifacts found in the Mounds of Ohio in the United States and in New Mexico, proved a Hebrew - Egyptian line that was a

early form of Sehpardic Merari and Israel that came here from 1600 BCE to 300 CE before the Sephardic migration about 1492 CE.


Ten commandments on stone dated to about 300 BCE shows the Paleo Hebrew in New Mexico United States.

And even tough suppressed, the evidence has come to light in recent times on broadcasts on FOX NEWS:



The linguistic trail also showed that the so called lost tribes were not just Jewish, but these Egyptian Jews spoke the name of YHWH and sang his name

in worship for about 2000 years predating the English migrations to North America.





So when the DNA of the later European lines of Merari are not matchiing with the supposed norm by a Ashkenazi Jew, who has a name Cohen,

I would say the earlier record show be matched with these tribes and seen where the original Hebrew DNA is found in R1b lines.


So with such overwhelming evidence of what most Jewish Rabbi's would not agree with, I present the Migrations of Merari and

the lost tribes of Israel.



The first migration I like to call the 7-11 migration. The Egyptians used the TAR of Tobacco plants to make

embalming solutions to use in the burial process in Egyptian religion. The work was hard, so when they

met the Euro-Asians who had migrated during the C Haplogroup migrations before them, they shared

the coca leaf as a pleasant pain killing pass time to be chewed during heavy work. So in short, they sailed

to the ancient 7-11 to get a coke and a pack of smokes.


No doubt, some stayed and inner married, shared their traditions, and for the Hebrew slaves, it was no doubt

a welcome change over the brick pits. As ships broke on rocks in rough seas, and as some just stayed to

cultivate the needed crops, the Indians as they would become known and natives, formed new relationships

which some kept in contact over vast distances, and the YHWH was written on stone in North America to

prove that they were once slaved in Egypt who had been set free by HaShem.


Notice in the tag marks from the Google Search, we find Merari in those Key locations today that show the pattern

of these R1b1 mixes of J1 and J2 lines with the early Native American paths of migration, and the more recent path

from 1492 CE.


The Second migration shows the Assyrian invasion of 722 BCE  where the main line according to DNA evidence, settled

in Kazakhstan and later migrated to the west. This is where the DNA maps show a pattern of the footprint which is still there

today found in th R haplogroup and the R1b1a2 M269 in particular.


As this group showed the ability to gain the upper hand in leadership and in superior skills, they migrated west and became

known as the MAR, ZEE MAR, and MARICA, from which the root of the Russian word MUS EEK KAH comes from.

Sunames like Zimmer and Summar, Merrick and Merico, and so forth, are rooted in these places and in DNA along with

the COEL and COAN Rib lines who claim to this day the ancient history of being Kohanim Priests at one time in Israel.




In this third major migration, we have the move of the 516 BCE return to Israel of some of the cousins lines, along with the

ingrowths of the Babylonian escaping tribes moving north and west. In this is the first roots of the Sephardic and ladino speaking lines.


In the migration of this long period to 100 BCE, the line of King CoEl came in 262 BCE and the beginning of the recording of the line of

the Marri, Merari, Merrick line in the Kings of Wales and the migration and inner marriage with the earlier inhabitants of this region.


The other notable migration, which is not where the R1b Jews are first established in Europe, but fleeing from European persecution

is the one begun in the Spanish Inquisitions and continued until the end of the Roman Captivity that begun in 70CE.



This is the history of the J1 and J2 and other lines such as the R1b Jews who along with the SC Sephardic lines, found roots in the Americas,

and began the return in Aliyah in the years just before Israel became a nation again in 1948.


I would caution that if you are a R1b Jew, and have a history of practicing Jewish Torah reading and Sabbath, that you not

so readily accept the Cohen claim of a narrow sample of only one family line of J1 or J2 in origin and close the book on your

claim to being a Levite and Cohen.


The Jews AC who are by a small sample of DNA taking this claim as a Cohen Modal, are assuming they are the only correct line

because these are the ones in modern Jewish communities that have this matching DNA.


That only means that they in the DNA strand had a common father, NOT THAT THEY CAN PROVE THE FATHER WAS Aaron.

And since that DNA marker is so close to the R1b type, showing a close relationship in common ancestors, they maybe assigned the

letters in error and perhaps R1b should be called J and the present J should be called something else, like PPR for Purchased Priests

of Rome.


The Close relationship of the markers of DYS and DNA show cousins within different groups, breaking off from the previous, but there

is an additional problem also, the present science in this field takes no account for the different timelines, in that they say it is 50,000 years

of migrations, and the Bible says it is about 5000 years almost 6000 to today. The other issue they ignore is that the migrations of these

early Egyptians  shows that the path of DNA should be present in the footprints today. And with their J1 It is not. Only in narrow groups

of J1c and R1b is the pattern their today on the ground and with the historical documents of the Meriari Merrick and Coel Cohen

connections, The most likely migrations of all Mankind from creation had lots of crossed paths and inner marriage that is reflected in the

number of the DYS, and not correlated in the modal of what FTDNA is calling the Cohanim modal with badge of honor attached.


Pages you must see and read to understand this stand and migration is





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