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Daniel W. Merrick

Inertia is to weak to continue this expansion with out a mega-gravity force pulling the universe outward. When it comes down to it that is what most cosmologists are depending on. That inertia will slow , the expansion will slow, and that the big crunch will land on all existence in a few Billion Trillion to some power years. With that model there is no God and no consequences for mans actions. No definitive infinity would have no laws of structure. No laws of structure and you have no definitive values of physics. Thus Stephen Hawking writes "the uncertainty principle places limitations on the accuracy of all of our predictions". Actually the uncertainty principle, as with infinite numbers, proves the existence of an infinite creator that forced it all into being. The uncertainty is the infinite value that an infinite creator left as a clue to his existence. For that cause, one can never know the exact size of the infinite universe because once it's measurement is calculated at any finite point of 

expansion, you must always add the factor of it's expansion in the time it took you to calculate it's size. In this way to calculate the size of the universe is an infinite task constantly needing correction. What the E- plain does is just as Stephen Hawking writes, "what the singularity theorems really indicate is that the gravitational field becomes so strong that quantum gravitational effects become important: classical theory is no longer a good description of the universe....There need not be any singularities in the quantum theory". 

But also the opposite is true in that our universe has it's own singularity. What I mean to say is that the finite matter and energy in the expanding universe is balanced with all the matter it can contain and maintain expansion. This universe may not lend matter or energy with out gaining matter and energy from some other universe to maintain that balance. 

If figure 1:2 is the case then the energy exchange happened in the past and is connected to the present sharing of parallel universes matter and energy. E would still = MC squared but as follows: E1=M1 C12 , E2=M2 C22 , and the same for universe 3 as E3=M3 C32. The formula for the E-plain would have to be able to maintain the C of the constant in all three universes. E-plain Energy and Matter would have to be constantly increasing only if matter in the universe was increasing matter an energy. With E and M constant then the gravitational pull of expansion would never stop. As matter moved farther apart the gravity of the E-plain would move outward ahead of it. Since the matter of the black Holes in the universe are so strong and dense, their fall would never be greater than all the energy and matter in the universe. I suspect that there is maintained just enough to keep things expanding at a constant rate with out much slow down once the balance of inertia is in place being feed by the black holes that are newly created from supernovas. The E-plain would also explain how new stars are able to be born. The gravity of the E-plain would force matter and gases together at some point of expansion and transfer the energy required to make a new star. Gravity now becomes a constant in the universe also. But in two parts, internal gravity and external gravity. You certainly can not take something away from one side of the equation and not add it to the other. It is elementary algebra and Uncle Albert's constant. 

In figure 1:1 we see time in 3 dimensions being Forward, Width, and Depth. Time past is not drawn into this figure but would be a reverse arrow moving toward creation. Recent theory predicts that superstrings can be utilized to travel back in time. But to do so you must escape the effect of the 3 dimensional aspects of time in the event horizon of now. The E-plain has its own time and is the vortex to the past that allows superstirngs to connect us to the past. If we could use a monopole superconductor as an attractor to tune into the energy frequency of the superstring then perhaps we could use the magnetic field of the E-plains gravitational force to 

pull us into the past at the speed of light. Perhaps these strings of energy can be mapped at given equal values and traveled upon through the universe that would make light speed achievable by using the map to avoid collision with matter in the universe. Matter would perhaps reflect the signal of this E-plain like sonar reflects sound waves and sensors could detect it far in advance and prevent a spacecraft from disaster. Such a device could use several of these star-drive engines to slow speed and navigate between planets and stars. 

By riding energy maps and using the power of attraction rather than propulsion we could enter the 21st century as the first generation to prove time travel is more than science fiction. It is now science fact that the magnetics of gravity and energy in the E-plain allows. Black holes would most likely reflect this electromagnetic field into the universe (at 3 degrees K). If we used the frequency of the pulsar to hear it's signal with radio telescopes then perhaps we should look in the electromagnetic spectrum for other types of dead stars. Our Earth is a giant magnet that the magnetic effects of our sun pulls upon to keep us in it's orbit in the same way subatomic protons, electrons, and other particles are holding matter together with negitive and positive charges. 

Magnetics gave use electric and light and taught us to move electrons through wires. Lasers have shown us how to use light to hear sound. Now we should see if gravity is pulling light into a Black Hole because within it magnetics and gravity are unified. The result must be the speed of light in my view. Any matter, wave, or particle traveling at the speed of light must appear as light to the stationary body. Since the gravity of a black hole warps light into it, then it only stands to reason that to harness it's attraction qualities would create a craft that could travel at the speed of light. The E-plain must some how unify the forces of gravity and magnetism somehow to do this. Perhaps the E-plain is only using gravity to attract matter and magnetism to move matter farther apart leaving an ever expanding universe constantly moving energy from one edge to the next. 

The question of life arises in this model. The principles that are generally accepted must meet Feynman's proposal, Euclidean space-time calculation, and Einstein's curved space-time where particles try to follow the straight path in curved space and appear bent over histories of the universe. Finally this principle must explain life it self and how it formed on a subatomic level. With this cone shaped growth of the universe we would meet the test. The universe is in a clockwise rotation at the point of creation with this model. The growth becomes a spiral as reflected in DNA strings and it's clockwise spiral. No left-handed DNA would appear in this universe. The particle would appear to be bent due to the expansion causing it's path to form a spiral. The universe could then be a sphere shape of finite size much like a scope of ice cream at the end of a sugarcone. Our ice-cream here would be growing with expansion and the rotation of the ice-cream would throw off the background radiation that we see at a certain phase and 3 degrees Calvin. The spiral of the E- plain would then be pushing against the universe and forcing it up and out in all directions. Space-time is being created in all directions. 

Time in our universe is then forced into one direction while the time in the E-plain is forced in the opposite direction. Much like a whirlpool the energy is going in a circle that forces buoyant matter away form the center of the vortex. Since energy is converted back into the universe there is no need for the temperature to cool with expansion. Particles in space would reflect that background radiation at it's reflected temperature at which expansion is maintained. As with Einstein's theory we have a constant of energy and matter in balance of the universe in expansion and the E-plain of Black Holes energy moving with it into an infinite motion. The spiral will never crunch in this model. To do that it would have to meet a brick wall of anti- matter an become non-existent. Anti-matter can only exist in the E-plain at the point of creation and would then decrease to a constant of matter heavy enough to continue the spiral motion of the universe or universes it forces into expansion. God can then place it all in motion and then stand back and watch it grow. Genes and there model as we now can view it under an electron microscope would reflect that spiral, and they do. Particles would also spin in balance with the force of the E-plain or the clockwise direction of the known universe. Anti-matter proves this. If we can reverse the spin and see anti-matter in a particle accelerator, then it must be in the frame of quantum mechanics somewhere. This is the E-plain's tool in the first moment of creation to create the gravity and motion needed to begin the spiral. After the anti-matter has completed it's attraction force needed to form hydrogen and the mass of matter then it, would decrease and the stars would take over to form the energy needed to continue expansion. Is this not what we see in the cosmology we know? 

So we can see a universe or universes pushed into infinite expansion and propelled into space and time by the direction of attraction first by anti-matter, then by supernova stars. If the big bang was so hot as we read then anti-matter would be replaced by the effect of stars in a very brief moment. Black Holes would soon after come into being when the matter had sufficient space to maintain gravity and the spin of the universe. Inertia would force out as the E-plain would push in at the base of the vortex and expansion would be procreated by the stars and the Black Holes that come from them. For every force there is and equal and opposite force. That force can be seen in the stars and the infinite expansion of space and time. Matter and energy in this universe must be maintained constant for this to work. Space and time must be unlimited to keep it in motion. Thus we have an E-plain of antimatter in the first moments of creation and then a balance of it's properties in the eventual force of it's existence. 

The E-plain would then have an E-gravity, E-time or God-time (Quantum time), E-space, and E-matter which is anti-matter that is replaced with super-dense matter. It will also have E-energy directed at the universe where light could not escape. It's field of energy must pull everything including light in order to work. To maintain the constant it must also reflect it's energy into new stars and matter to continue expansion and adjust for increased size. And since there is no new quantity of matter and energy, it's work would never have to push or move more matter than it balanced to push after stars came into being. It would and does only effect matter in the event horizon of the Black Hole stretching it into a gravity of quantum 

magnitude to attract the matter and cause space to expand. It is much like being in a balloon at it's exterior surface, filling it with air, and moving yourself further away form the center with the more air you fill it with. Space and time is the air that the E-plain expands and matter would be the substance of the surface of the balloon which remains the same quantity but moves with the expansion. 

As for the mathematics of this equation it is beyond me. I have tried to present my theory in a way that will help some other physics math whiz to achieve answers to those calculations. I think of this universe and the effect of a Black Hole as a piece of matter on the surface of space, so heavy that it pulls space and time in all directions and drawing matter and energy along with it from a distance. This super- heavy piece of matter which was once a star will not stop it's fall until it falls back to the point of creation or hit's an anti-matter universe in a parallel dimension and disappears. It may also collide with another Black hole in another universes E-plain that is shared and explode reflecting it's energy back at the universes. The only other possibility is that it never stops its fall and the universe expands forever by the attraction and forces of the E-plain or the Black Hole itself. To me it seems that things that occur here on Earth reflect what happens in cosmology, as with hurricanes and anti-cyclones, South and North poles, and magnets. So it is conceivable to me that an anti-matter universe may exist. If this is so it would demand that there be some force and quantum machine to keep it separate from the matter universe. The two would have to have been created at the same time and their spin would effect each other to force them apart. The forces between these universes must have an energy exchange point much like that of two children on a school yard pushing each other and falling away from the center of their force. 

With this model a singularity and a quantum can coexist together and so can God who pushed it all into motion in the beginning. Life can also exist in another universe but it would be as unique as we are and follow the same laws of physics that Einstein predicted. For that life to reach another universe it would have to travel at the speed of light in the E-plain and have control over navigation to place it at the exact time and place of space-time desired to arrive at the matter (planet) of it's destination. If warp 2 or 3 is possible ( 2 or 3 times the speed of light) then this could only occur in the E-plain or by harnessing the force of attraction of the E-plain. This idea suggests that in order to travel through dimensions one must have control over time and be able to warp time. Such a device must use the laws of physics to do that task at hand. Relativity tends to lean in this direction of thinking with this model and the picture we view is one that might explain why biology maintains age at a specific gravity. That is to say, that if we lived on Pluto would we age 247 years or one year. Clock experiments have proven that time is relative, but is biology? If it is relative in the same relation as theory seems to allow, then the universe is all the more grand and may be traveled by escaping the bounds of the direction of time we travel. Thereby we can with more ease overcome the vastness of space. After all it really does not matter at which time in history past we arrive at another planet, only that we arrive some time after the big bang. It is safe to assume though that any life form arriving at another planets timeline would become a part of their history. 

Such an act of just going there through time would be an act of cosmic violence against the biology of that dimension. To risk the natural progression of history and science would be a crime. Even more so to risk the progress of biology would also be a momentous crime that could have destructive results. Just because we can travel through time does not mean we should. Perhaps that is why we have trouble seeing UFO's and documenting there existence on a mass media scale. We are perhaps visiting ourselves from the future and doing all we can to keep from upsetting the time line with a paradox. To do that we must hide ourselves well form our past to travel there. The prime directive of Start Treck becomes a very important idea that it's creators gave us as a legacy to science, that we not change the progression of events past and alter the future. Not on Earth or on another planet in our universe or some other universe. To do such might be effect enough to place the fabric of existence into jeopardy. 

We have looked at the brief moment of creation by seeing it's effect on the present from our point of view in space time. Einstein was proven right again and we attempted to unify the forces that cause the universe to come into being. In a way we have looked at creation as an ongoing process that is still expanding into eternity. We have also given a possible explanation on why God exists. Even with a multi-universe model we still need to know what the force was at the moment of creation. All information seems to point to an infinite force with an equal amount of power and strength to push an infinite expansion. The E-plain within this vast infinity must also be a spiral of time as our expansion is. The sphere shape of the universe is expanding in all directions and rotating around the center of force in the E-plain. Behind the quantum machine is it's maker, the hand of God. 

Einstein found that matter and energy were related. He also found that time and space were related. I have tried to show, with my limited understanding of math and formulas, that the time of matter and spcacetime are related. That the energy of magnetics and gravity are related. That the age of the universe is not the sum total of all it's pieces of matter. That matter-time is warped by energy in the universe. I tried to show how science in this field has made errors in trying to date matter by energy and size. And doing that is like adding up my age by adding the total age of the energy of each atom in my body. That would most likely put me at the age of a trillion years old. The general theory I have presented here is that the growth of the universe is like a cone with Black Holes pulling it into expansion by an energy field that is reflected in the universe and it's matter. Space tells matter how to move and matter tells space how to warp. Energy tells matter how to reflect time and matter tells energy how to expand time. Matter rotates in one direction and anti-matter rotates in the opposit direction. To travel back in time the field energy of anti-matter must be used to attract us in the opposit direction of time and matter. To travel at the speed of light we must ride the unseen force in the universe I call the E-plain, and use it's attraction to pull us at 186,000,000 miles per second. And as matter warps space into expansion, it reflects the eternal power behind the universe. That power is Yah Veh God. 

" By Messiah All Things Consist" The Holy Bible 

The Hand Of God In The Time Traveler's Universe; Copyright 1997 Daniel W. Merrick, Eternal Light & Power Co. Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 

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