Daniel W. Merrick

" What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" Zig Ziglar

Although the origin of the above statement is most likely J.P. Morgan, Dale Carnegie, or most likely predates it's original author of record and copyright, it was first said somewhere and expressed in the actions of history by men like the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, and somewhere tonight, in the mind of a child who will change life as we know it forever. I know this is true because it is my story and yours. It is the child laughed at for having a crazy idea. It is the person rejected for being different. It is the science of amateurs who find the greatest discoveries because they see things differently than the experts. We all know these people. We do all we can to keep them from getting our jobs. We do all we can to make them look bad. Even when our intentions are subconscious, our actions are to isolate these genus creatures from society. When I was a boy they called them nerds. Today all the world looks to them for the power to take the small minded, superficial, and the plastic into time itself and come back a new creation. 

One of my geek pet studies is physics. I can't get enough. I read Stephen Hawking, Uncle Albert, as I like to call the big E-man, (as in E=MC squared), and when the Discover Channel has one of those 'AHHHH' programs on, I force my kids to watch it and we talk about small town thinking in a big city world. Some years back I had a friend that worked at NASA who would talk with me about the nature of the universe and what the future would be like. I had a theory about magnetic that I shared with him and his friend one Saturday afternoon. That idea became the spark of thought that lead to the physics behind the digital tuner. I did not get a penny for my contribution to the though process. But who cares, my life is better for it. 

Now I am going to do it again. And it will be little wonder to me if someone else has thought of it already, in that I have talked to many about this idea already. Besides, great minds think alike. That's is why there is so many law suits over music and song rights. It is my belief that this is because we all have the power to tap into the creative energy of the universe. I call it the HOLY SPIRIT, and well it is, but even more from a theological stand point it was foretold to be so: "In the last days I shall pour out my Spirit upon all flesh" The Holy Bible. Besides, an idea unshared in technology and science is an invitation for someone else to be the first to share it with the world. Once an idea is shared, it is no longer yours or mine, but it becomes ours. We all gain form it's gifts. This is the guiding principle of my faith and my life, to own the world unselfishly and eat the banquet of life savoring it every moment. 

The problem here is to go beyond the light barrier. Yes there is a light barrier. Man has broken the sound barrier, the bounds of earth, and now we shall break the light barrier. To travel faster that the speed of light. My college physics teacher said "It can't be done, the energy of the universe is converted at the speed of light". Well, if you burn energy at the speed of light to travel at the speed of light then you are right, you can't! BUT I CAN! Because I will not burn energy to do it. I will ride energy. 

Now many questions arise with this idea. What will happen if man travels at the speed of light. Will we undo the fabric of creation? Will we displace time it self? Will we alter our future by some how damaging our past? NO ! Only God can do that. He will not let us do that. But He will let us move at the speed of light. Because he gave us the dream to. " A man without vision shall parish". Then what is on the other side of the light barrier? My theory is Time in infinity or Quantum time. 

We all know that one earth year is 365 days. One year on Pluto is 247 earth years. The theory of relativity prove that time is relative to distance from gravitational force. But I believe that this is not clarified enough. This gravity I like to call the gravity of energy. This gravity is directly related to the electro-magnetic fields of energy in the universe. Each planet, body, field, and energy source giving connected strings of energy that ties earth to the sun, the sun to the stars, and black holes to the birth of a star on the other side of the universe and the expanding of all that is. If energy is equal to the mass of matter then matter transferred, converted, and displaced becomes energy to make matter in the universe. This energy transfer is constant and creates the filed of magnetic pull and balance that I like to call the E-plain (Energy string plain). The E-plain is the energy that exists from the conversion of subparticles of matter into energy and back into matter again. 

The E-plain has three properties that must be understood to harness it's force: 1) It has a magnetic field. 2) It has a infinite gravity. 3) It has a has a warp outside the universe. 

Space tells matter how to move and matter tells space how to warp or bend around matter. The E-plain has a force in proportion to the balance of matter it warps toward. Let me explain. Matter causes space to warp around it, or to warp or bend away from matter. The E-plain warps in an opposite arch. It's gravity is drawn toward matter, or energy. The relation to the matter and energy is the infinite gravity of the E-plain. Thus we can calculate the energy plain's force by measuring the gravity of the matter effected by it. We must also calculate its energy field in electromagnetic measurement. Energy forces may counteract with the E-plain or contribute to it's energy at certain points in the universe to maintain balance. We read it in space with radio telescopes and can plot its course and force on space and matter traveling through it. All matter travels in the effect of the E-plain. Only anti- matter can disrupt it. The greatest thing about the E-plain is that it forces time forward and outward. From creation to now it has moved the past out to the edge of the universe. The universe is expanding and so is time. It expands equal to the mass of the E-plain's force. Now we can measure the E-plain effect by the and force of magnetic flux density. We can also measure the force of flux by calculating the magnetic movement of a given particles orbital motion at a given point in space. The resulting value and frequency is the E-plain's value at that point in space. This superstring can then be plotted by flux and frequency of modulation. Thereby finding its path across a distance in space. 

Now pulsars give off energy like a beacon in the universe. We can read the frequency of the energy as a radio signal and measure its value. The E-plain also has a frequency which is constant in strings of energy equal to the relation of the plain to gravity, matter, and energy surrounding it. In other words, it is like a path we can trace throughout the universe and use as a map to travel by. It maps space between matter at a given point by the electromagnetic energy around that space. It is essential to understand to travel through space at the speed of light. Even more important to plot and know if you are going to travel at the speed of light. A piece of matter the size of a pin may be very dangerous to a craft at the speed of light. So we must be able to read matters signal at this subatomic level before we venture into the light barrier. It may be that the E-plain has a signal in the electromagnetic spectrum it is bouncing off matter itself. Being an amateur in cosmology, I could not know if those forces have been observed. More important I believed that this E-plain has shaped time and the universe itself and is causing the expansion of the universe. 

Matter itself, and it's energy, in this way becomes the marker to read as a form of radar to steer our spacecraft through the vastness of space at the speed of light. 

The E-plain is a string of energy force measured in magnetic field density, at a given frequency or frequencies along a plotted distance in space. 

Since energy is converted at the speed of light we can not burn energy to propel us. For one thing it will make our navigation impossible and effect our energy sensors that read the E-plain. Present theory tends to show that the E-plain has equal values along different paths and at different points in the universe. I suspect that it most likely curves in relation to the edge and spin of the universe. It may be possible to use antimatter but only at a value different that the value and frequency of the string of energy we read to navigate by. Matter is very dense at the infinite point of rotation of the E-plain and has a rotation effect on the universe. While the planets spin so do galaxies, thus a galaxy has it's time as does the earth. The solar system spins and has it's time also. Thus so does the universe. The universes time is infinite because it is spinning on the axis of creation and expanding into infinite time and space. Still cosmology has this problem with gravity. Cosmologists say Gravity is a small force, but I say it is the greatest and the unification for which you seek. 

Rather than deal with this problem it might be better to use the energy of the universe itself to propel us. It is simple and so obvious that the experts dismiss it as a crazy idea. That is why it works. Like the quote I began this paper with, here is my own: "What ever the experts criticize, utilize". 

By tracking and mapping energies force and values in the universe and on earth we can enter the 21st century as the first generation that made time travel possible. So you ask me 'how can this be done'? The answer is we are already doing it. 

We know that there are 4 dimensional aspects to the universe. They are Time, Space, Matter, and Energy. Superstrings are said to vibrate within 10 dimensions. But now that we have had a glimpse of antimatter, we should perhaps change our view of the dimensions to fit our model. We know of our 3D view of the universe being in geometry length, width, and depth. We to often forget volume. Density itself speaks to us of volume. So I have redefined my thinking to include length, width, and volume. Now volume has mass and area. The quantity of Space it self has it's volume in mass and area. So space, as we know it has 4 dimensions: SpaceLength- the distance in a straight line across the universe. SpaceWidth- the distance in a straight line intersect space-length in the exact center, across the universe. SpaceMass- the proportion of the total of space in the universe. SpaceArea- the value of the total surface of space at the point of expansion. 

(Figure 1:1) 

The cone shaped universe.
In my theory of a cone shaped universe we see time as it really is. Moving forward and expanding with the universe it self. This is an already proven theory and many tests have been done to prove it. Thank you Uncle Albert. But what is the force that is keeping this from slowing? What are we missing? We might say that centrifugal force is making the universe spin and maintaining the inertia to keep it moving. Perhaps the force of the big bang has placed it all in motion and now is slowing and it all will collapse onto itself some day. This is what some cosmologists would have us think. I on the other hand believe in God. My God Yahweh would not take his hand to expand and create to only let it spin down into another big bang and do it all over again. That is a very pessimistic view of things. What forces act upon space and time to make it expand? What forces cause matter to be attracted away from matter, galaxies away from galaxies, and hold planets in orbit. The answer is STARS. 

Stars are the life force in the universe and when a star dies, if it has the right constant of energy (see Chandrasekhar limit) it becomes a black hole. Not proven to exist until now. The gravity of the universe that keeps it spicing and expanding is the gravity force of black holes. 

(Figure 1:2)

The black hole catches all light, matter, energy, and time a sucks it into the vortex. The star is falling into infinite time and space toward creation in this example but it could also be a circle around the cone of the universe and act as a gravitational force at the edge of the expanding universe to draw the universe into further expansion. The existence of this gravity is not observed due to the force of its fall drawing it into the dimension outside the known universe. That is why it is in infinite force, it is on God-time in eternity. That is why I call it the Hand of God. It pushes the universe into expansion and forces it away from creation to eternity. That is why the universe will not shrink back into the universe, falling into another big bang. It reflects it's creator, The Eternal God. No big crunch! 

The figure above (1:2) shows that such a cone would create its own gravity that would maintain it's own spin constantly at a distance from the known universe. Thus maintaining balance between entrance to the vortex and the vast gravity it creates that is so powerful that it even captures light. The force of this gravity always moves away from the universe through infinity at an equal distance maintaining the energy constant to keep the universe spinning. If this force is toward creation or going back in time as cosmology would suggest, then time travel would be possible. If not, then this effect of gravity on the universe would maintain the spin and expansion rather like a pinwheel with the universe in the center of an elliptical shape. In such case the 

universe would look as such: Figure 1:3

A Black Holes fall into the E-plain (Eternal Energy Plain) and the resulting gravity spins the universe into eternal expansion.

In either case the possibility remains that travel at the speed of light may launch our traveler in the past or the future. In this universe antimatter can only exist in another dimension outside the E-plain since the antimatter would destroy the matter's fall into eternity. Thus the Black hole is a bottomless pit that forces gravity out and up as it is reflected in particle dynamics.

Time in this universe would have four dimensions and travel in all directions: Time directional =past to future
Time anti-directional =future to past
Time warp = expanding time
God Time = infinity outside the known universe

If this is the case then the age of the universe would have to be reduced by an exponent factor and adjusted to compensate for the expansion in all directions. Which is what we observe when we look through a telescope at the known universe. The star 100 million light years away would then appear to be much older than it is. And all the text books would have to then account for a creator. I would estimate based on my biblical studies then that the universe is about 6000 years old. I will leave this formula to the cosmologists but a simple triangulation formula must also take into account the power of expansion of time which Relativity has already proven. The age of matter expands with the universe, the further away the older matter appears. 

The Law of Time-Matter warp
Et=MtC2 Energytime=Mattertime Constant at the speed of light squared.
pt-->Mt Radiation density effects Mattertime.
t=MC2p Time = Matter Constant at the speed of light squared.
Mp=(E=MC2)t Matter radiation density=the energy& matter that is constant in the
universe at the speed of light squared times time. 
ts=Mpt Time change=Matter radiation density time. ps=Ept Radiation density change= Energy radiation density time.
pts2=(Mpt)(Ept)C2 The above two statements are constant in the universe.
Rs= ts2(K) The universe change=Time change squared, times the geometry of the universe 

The time of the universe is expanding relevant to a positive expansion of it's geometry. In vastly expanding space '->' effects or results in expanded time. Therefore age is relative to size at measurement. A part of the universe can not be older than the whole, but any one part can be as old as the cumulative whole. If this were not so then the year on Pluto would be 365 days and thus on every planet in the solar system. The rotation of gravity would be to fast and there could have been no life on the Earth. It is much like the human body. Even though if one is 38 years old the cell in the body that was just born is only seconds old. When we look at the man we do not state that he is just born due to the age of his cells. The body tissue is young yet the body is old so the tissue reflects the age of the whole body even though it is only seconds old. The super-hot radiation and energy at the point of creation had just that effect on the universe. As it expanded the light that was once 2 feet from the matter of the earth increased distance and light expanded and shifted as it moved away. Determining these factors and using the basic formula r t = d where r=rate and t=time and d=distance, we can then calculate the size of the universe and check it against the rate of expansion widely accepted today of about 55km Per sec/million light years. Which is 34miles Per sec/million light years. A Light year is 186,000,000 miles times 31,536,000 seconds ( the number of seconds in a year). This is based on the time it takes light to travel in space in one year. Our Galaxy, The Milky Way is 200,000 light years across in diameter and 100,000 light years wide at it's center. It takes 200,000 light years to make up one rotation around it's orbit or our galaxy has a space year of 200,000 years in the same way Pluto has a 247 year year. Now the problem with measurements until now in this science is that they keep complicating it by adding factors that are mentally predisposed to allow for the absence of God. 

So they come up with figures that can't work and theory that won't wash the test of the requirement Einstein's theory has that the universe was created. Another problem is that they do not account for the expansion of the universe from it's center, they always account for it from end to end. The value needs to be half and then the expanding time factor must also be taken into account. From the center of the Milky Way Galaxy it's average radius is 31,830.914 light years. Accounting for the distance per second megaparsec and the light year of 186 million miles we get a number of 5,920,550.004 ; Now if this number is divided by 34 ( for the miles per second of expansion, our rate) we should get a number pretty close to 200,000 light years. The answer is 174,133.83 light years across the Milky Way. Adjusting for error and arc at .1877 our galaxy size would be 206,695.87 light years accross. We could verify this by triangulation from the same point in space a year apart to get the exact number and rate of expansion. Now if the universe is as old as the evolution religion wants us to have faith in then, when we multiply our 34 mile rate by time of 3999999000000000000000000000000000000 or what ever outrageous number they choose to prove God wrong, then we would get a enormous number as the age of the universe and a size even beyond there present estimation. Interestingly enough, in order for creation to be true, the Bible age of about 6000 years since creation only need fit the Milky Way. And by some fate when 6000 years multiplied by 34 miles of expansion is considered with all the factors we get 204,000 light years across the Milky way. We are therefore 6000 years +or- 4 years Earth time from creation according to Biblical dating and mathematics calculation. Uniformly it puts the size of the universe at 204 billion light years and expanding into eternity. Radiation and carbon dating will prove this wrong but as the formulas above account for, Matter age is relative to the effect of the energy of the whole universe. Therefore these dating methods will always come up with an excessive amount not factoring in the time expansion effect of relitivity. 

Thus I have concluded that the universe is effected by expanding time and energy is reflecting it in matter time. 

Some suggest the universe may have at least 12 dimensions and possibly 24. Each dimension having its own direction of time in the infinite expanse. To maintain the balance though it would most likely have 12 in the same direction of travel as we are going in time and 12 in the opposite direction. It is possible that the direction of time curves into the E-plain which would give expanse on the outerlimits of the other side to the other 12 dimensions traveling to the creation. Most likely if matter is effected toward creation then time maybe also. As the universe expands it's matter expands into a new gravitation of force which is another dimension somewhere in infinity. It's gravity having the opposite effect and pushing the universe we know and love into further expansion. More likely the reverse effect is accounted for in the E-plain itself and there are no 'Big Crunch' universes out there. Given that the rate of expansion is constant, and that the C-filed theory of gravity has been proven an error, Then the only way to account for this is Black holes having an E-plain or sphere, string, dimension on the other side that is creating a space-gravity we observe as expansion. 

We can see this gravity reflected in that gravity holds us to matter and matter attracts us by gravity. The dense matter of a Black hole would therefore draw the universe in it's direction and keep us spinning happy campers forever. Without a creator this Idea would never work because something infinite would have to move this universe into motion. That's why I say 'as sure as gravity holds you to the earth, Black holes draw us toward God'. If gravity is holding us, and it is, then it is obvious to me that gravity or energy is moving us and expanding the universe. With each progression of time in figure 1:1, we have a different universe in size depending on the time from creation you observe it. A new ring of expanse can be then observed in time past and the number of black holes needed to continue expansion can be calculated. We can then know today how many black holes there are in the universe by measuring the universe's expansion and calculating the force needed to continue expansion. As new stars reach the end of there life we can then know if the creators calculations are correct. What I mean is that if there are enough stars of the right energy supply to continue expansion in the future or at the point in space-time the force is needed to continue expansion. Also if the number of new stars is equal in the equation. According to relativity it is.

The E-plain has a gravity force that is in the direction of matter and energy in the same way gravity forces us toward matter on earth. The balance of gravity between planets moves space into expansion and matter deeper into space and planets further apart. As for the cooling problem is seems to me that our sun (star) has kept us at the right temperature. And it won't burn out until well after we have moved on to other planets.

Another possibility is that the Big Bang created more than one universe. Each having its own direction of spin and all the cones of their expanse being connected at creation. If this were so then one would have to travel at the speed of light to reach the other universe and only a worm hole or black hole could take you there. I suspect that there would have to be at least 24 of these universes to maintain symmetry and balance with the gravitational effects required to keep each expanding away from creation. This multi- dimensional parallel universes would be connected at the E-plain by black holes. Each universe would use the E-plain gravity as a jump of sorts to begin expansion at the big bang and push against each other by creating the E-plain with mutually collapsed stars for balance.

If the calculations of expansion proved that there is not a sufficient number of black holes in our universe to continue expansion then the big crunch would be the only alternative to the multi- dimensional universe theory. Without the big crunch these universes would need other universes to provide energy and gravity to continue expansion.

With either case, the E-plain theory of a single universe, 12, or 24, the energy would still remain constant with matter according to Einstein's theory. The only difference here is the Energy in the E-plain is converted into gravity unifying the process of the life of energy and matter in the universe. With multi-universes we would need at bear minimum 3 to maintain the balance of energy between the expanse of the universes.

This I call the Mickey Mouse model of Cosmology. The E-plains interconnect and each universe shares it's Black Holes attraction to maintain sufficient gravitational force to continue expansion. These universes will never meet because the E-plain keeps them an equal distance in infinity from each other. As a black hole comes to an end, as with new born star's using the energy and substance of a supernova, an explosion may occur that will propel it's energy into the E-plain. This could only occur to maintain the balance of energy and matter in the universe to further expansion.

Now the problem arises that as the universe expands that it cools. An infinite expansion would therefore cause an infinite cooling. Here is where radiation has it's task. It has been discovered that the temperature of the universe has a value of 3 degrees Calvin. That this background of temperature has a frequency that maintains this constant. And one fine day in 1965 scientists found this background noise in the universe. Interesting that this sound and temperature would take on the numerical equivalent of the Trinity.

Now if the case is that this is from the big bang, which it may well be, then that minimum temperature would have well cooled in the model that cosmologists would like us to believe. Some of the universe would have to had become Zero degrees Calvin and the matter would have stopped moving. But it is not, it is expanding. So some force is maintaining that temperature throughout the vastness of space. That is the E-plain. It is God's hand keeping the universe together and preventing matter and life from coming to a complete stand still.

Now let me say that their is something about most scientists that preach evolution that I find dishonorable. That is they teach the big bang, which must have a force behind it to work, Then they escape into the world of non-definitive conjecture and start telling us about evolution of genetic material to form life. If one piece of genetic material naturally occurring in the universe that transmutated into another code of gene structure had ever occurred on this planet, we would still observe it somewhere in the chain of ecology. But we don't. Because there is none. How a man can see the vast balance of space, time, matter, and energy and still not ahhh at it with the clear knowledge of its clockwork like construction, is beyond me. I've heard it said that it is much like saying that an explosion occurred and in a book factory and a dictionary of every language in the world was miraculously constructed. That is beyond reason. Only with and infinite force can an infinite universe be brought into motion. This is the Law of cause and effect that few cosmologists desire to break in theories of particle physics, and continually broken in their explanation of life. Life is a unique occurrence in the universe and yet to be proven in existence anywhere other than Earth. Even the Mars splash on the news a few months back proved to be 'Jumping the gun' as later reported that the scientists were mistaken. 'OOPS' one headline read in the newspaper.