The fourth commandment is to Shabbat (rest) on the 7th day. (Exd.20:8) We are given a promise that IF we REST on the 7th day that YAH will bless us. (Lev.26:2-4) In Exodus 31:12-18 we are told that the SABBATH is a sign "throughout" Israel's generations, an "everlasting covenant" "Forever". The generations of IsraYah (Israel) have not ended yet and even if they had we would still have to deal with the commandments usage of the words EVERLASTING and FOREVER. 

The word Sabbath means REST. It does not mean WORSHIP! It is lawful to worship every day, and we should if we truly know YAH. The issue here is OBEDIENCE! Do we obey Yah's commandment or not? The other ten don't seem to hard to most of us. I have rarely darkened the door of a church to hear someone say 'I JUST GOT SAVED AND THEN I KILLED MY WIFE'. We know that "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" is still for us today. If we violate that law there are police that will be willing to enforce it. 

What it comes down to is that Yah Vah wrote certain laws into existence that he wants us to keep and do them FOREVER! The law of gravity is one that if we violate it the results will prove out in our death. We don't jump out of airplanes without a parachute. The Sabbath is like that. When we don't rest one day a week then we have heart attacks and other stress related problems that put us in an early grave. The number one cause of death today in all the world is heart failure. 

Now YAH VAH told us to rest on the SEVENTH DAY. Not the first. No where in the new testament is there a verse where Yahshau said 'a new day I give unto thee'. NO! He kept the 7th day to go to the synagogue and to rest. Had he not, then he would have been an imperfect sacrifice and a lamb with a blemish. Which would mean that our faith, and all of Christianity would be in vain. 

Here is a brief list of the old testament laws about the Sabbath: Don't work, rest. Don't change money between hands and go to the store. Don't let anybody work for you. Think about Yah Vah's things and not your own pleasure. Gather together on the Sabbath to pray & study. Do things in leisure on this day. Keep it Holy. Don't let anybody in you home who is not keeping the Sabbath. 

Now that is not so bad is it? Sounds like Yah wants you to rest. Now here is a list of things that the Jewish religion added to it that you won't find in the old testament: Don't cook on the Sabbath ( it is lawful to cook what you eat and glean from the fields on a Sabbath's day's journey) Wash your hands 7 times before you eat on the Sabbath. (once is enough) Don't travel more that one mile. (If you are going by car then who is walking so far anyway) Men should cover their head when they go into a holy site or pray. (The Bible both old and new testament say just the opposite. 

There are more, in fact, the Jewish RELIGION added over 6200 laws to the original 613 found in the old testament. They made the Sabbath and other laws to much trouble to even want to do. So what about just doing it the way it's written, REST! 

Now what about Sunday? Sunday became the Christian Sabbath about 321-325 AD by decree of the Catholic Church. But didn't Paul tell the followers of Yah sahua to take up collections on the first day of the week? YES HE DID, because he did not want people to BREAK THE SABBATH LAW THAT SAYS NOT TO EXCHANGE MONEY ON THE SABBATH! In short, Sunday is NOT the Sabbath. 

Many have told me that Sunday is THEIR Sabbath, but then they go to K-mart, cut the grass, wash their car, and a million other things that don't equal up to SABBATH=REST! So if you want to go to church on Sunday then have at it. Just don't fool yourself into thinking that you've kept your Sabbath because you did not rest. And to top it off, you made your pastor work for a living on that day by preaching for a fee. 

Sabbath starts at sundown Friday night and goes to sundown Saturday night according to the Biblical day (GEN Ch.1 " The EVENING AND THE MORNING WERE THE FIRST DAY") We start our Sabbath by lighting candles and thanking YAH for blessing us this week. Most of us start the Sabbath in our homes with a meal. 

We rest and then meet at 1PM on Saturday afternoon to read the scripture and share songs and worship with each other. If what I have written here makes since to you that you may want to come by and sing a song or two. All are welcome. Don't expect a long sermon because we like it better when there is some interaction. We end our day with a congregational meal. Some Sabbaths we meet with other groups who keep the REST of Sabbath day as we do. 

No you won't have to learn the secret hand shake the first time you come! We all just like hanging out together and resting! And one more thing, the words: " pastor, elder , bishop , etc.." are the same word in the ancient Greek. So don't think you have to pay some homage to me because we have a group of pastors (elders) that work to build the body of Yahshua. If you have more questions on the Sabbath you can e-mail me