According to The Dictionary of Word Origins the word EASTER comes from the word ISHTAR. Ishtar was the fertility goddess in Rome and before that in Babylon. The word EASTER occurs ONE TIME in the Bible and is strong's #3957 which is also #6453 Hebrew strong's number. The word listed as #3957 is 'PASCHA' which is PASSOVER. The etymology of EASTER predates that Saviour's death by nearly 3000 years. The feast was pagan in origin and involved weeping for TAMMUZ, a false deity in Babylon (EZEKIEL 8:14). In Egypt it became ISIS in Greek Osiris and in Rome Ishtar. When Roman Catholic Religion began controlling Christianity in 321 AD, many pagan Romans were forced at threat of death to join the church. To appease them, the pagan feasts were renamed or declared Christian Holidays. 

Soon time passed and there was no one left that knew what the original feast was. Or even why it was kept. Modern Christian Easter is not what it was in Rome at the time of the first followers of Messiah, but it is still pagan and has it's roots outside of BIBLE FAITH AND DOCTRINE. 

Let us look at the ancient practice of Easter and see if you would agree with this celebration being kept in your faith? The Priestesses at the temple of ISHTAR would boil and color eggs the night before the feast of ISHTAR EASTER These girls and women were set aside all year long to abstaine for this feast. On Easter Sunday Morning they would line up on the alter of the temple and fornicate with the men of Rome which was known as 'temple service'. Upon completion of this abomination, the men would receive a brightly colored egg on the basket of grass containing a pig roast that was the man's family meal for Easter Sunday. The wives of the men would dress in bright colored clothes and walk to the temple of ISHTAR to meet their husbands who were doing 'temple service'. THen they would walk home together and eat the pig roast with their family. 

PAUL talked to the Corinthians about this practice in 1 COR. 4:10 & 11 and 10:19-21 PAUL tells them that to sacrifice to devils, worship IDOLS, and fornicate was not a practice followers of Messiah should practice at the time of keeping the PASSOVER AND FEAST OF UNLEAVENED BREAD 1 Cor. 4:7-8 "Get the Leaven out so you can be a new lump, as you are unleavened. For even Messiah is our PASSOVER, and our sacrifice. THEREFORE, LET US KEEP THE FEAST...". What feast was Paul speaking of? 

LEVITICUS Chapter 23 says: "In the 14th day of the first month (HEBREW CALENDAR) is Yah Vah's Passover. AND on the 15th day is the feast of unleavened bread for 7 days you must eat unleavened bread only." and verse 41 "IT SHALL BE A LAW FOREVER IN ALL YOUR GENERATIONS" Yah Shua the Messiah said in Luke 22:8 "Go and prepare us the Passover, that we may eat". In 1 Cor. 11:24-25 we are quoted "do this is remembrance of me". Remembering what, a weekly communion? Or was Yahshua KEEPING THE PASSOVER? 

Now modern Christian's keep a good Friday, and Easter Sunday morning. But the Saviour said that the sign given to this generation was that of Jonah's, to be buried for THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS. Friday to Saturday is ONE DAY, Saturday to Sunday Morning is a HALF DAY. So 1 1/2 = 3 in Christian religion. I would say this is a mathematical LIE !!! According to Ado Dominee AD dating system the saviour died in 33AD. According to the Bible he died in 31 AD. Now to understand this we return to Leviticus chapter 23 where YAH VEH calls ALL HIS FEASTS "SABBATHS". That means that they were resting days. Now The Passover meal is on the 14th of the month called on the Hebrew calendar 'ABIB', A SABBATH. IT starts at SUNDOWN according to the Jewish day in Genesis Ch. 1 "THE EVENING AND THE MORNING WAS THE FIRST DAY" and so on each day listed as starting at EVENING. Matthew 27: 60 through 28:2 recounts the events. The Messiah had to be in the tomb by sunset because Verse 62, the next day was the preparation day. The preparation day was a SABBATH when all the LEAVEN was removed from the house. Then the weekly SABBATH, the seventh day came, V.28 "in the end of the Sabbath" Mary and Mary went to the tomb. Now did the SABBATH END ON SUNRISE OR SUNSET? According to the Jewish day it would be EVENING. Now in 33 AD the Passover meal fell on a FRIDAY. But in 31 AD it fell on a TUESDAY EVENING. The record in the four gospels says that they prepared spices to treat Yahshua's body and rested on the SABBATH. The next day was preparation and no spices could be bought because every store was closed in Jerusalem on ALL THE SABBATH DAYS, both weekly and feast days. The Daytime after the PASSOVER meal was the day of PASSOVER SACRIFICE. Yahshua died about the ninth hour which was about 3 PM on our clock. Being he had to be in the tomb by sunset. WED. 3PM to THUR. 3PM=1 day, THUR. 3PM to FRI. 3PM= 2 days, FRI. 3PM to SAT. 3PM = 3 DAYS. I had this discussion with a very famous apologist who then said "well, it was three 12 hour days" ! Amazing how foolish we can be about giving up the wrong opinion. Jonah was THREE DAYS IN THE BELLY OF A GREAT FISH! Not Three 12 hour days.

Now the word used in ALL CASES of the word SUNRISE or DAWNING the first day of the week in the four gospels, which started at sunset on SATURDAY not SUNDAY MORNING, is strong's # 2020 which means "BEGIN TO GIVE or GIVE UP LIGHT" and # 3117 which means "TIME" not sunrise. The root of this word comparable in Hebrew means both sunrise and sunset. So more correctly the record should have been translated 'it was the time early at the first day of the week'. AND that happened on the Roman day of SATURDAY evening.

NOW DO YOU SEE WHY JEW's Have such a problem converting to Christianity? to much teaching that is not congruent with the whole BIBLE. Even the word for Cross is 'STAROS' in Greek and means 'STRAIGHT STAKE'. That is why I drew the picture above depicting how the existing evidence shows the saviour died. 

The 'T' shaped cross was not in FACT adopted by Christianity until about 600 AD by the Catholic Church. Before that, it was the symbol of TAMMUS in Babylon and the ANKE or 'life force' in Egypt. 
ISIS feeds life force 'ANKH' Tammuz, photo of Egyptian tomb wall painting.
Below- Tammuz in form of man from egyptina tomb 2000 BC

You may wonder how this tomb has a 'T' of the cross in it 2000 years before Christ? Even more so you may be amazed that in Revelation 11:8 Jerusalem in the last days is called "SPIRITUALLY SODOM AND EGYPT". Now take a look at the CHRISTIAN school that sits on top of Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. 
And a photo of the Catholic church in Jerusalem.

The mystic TAU 'T' of tammus was pasted from generation to generation of IDOL worshippers. To worship under this symbol is an abomination. Yah Veh made it clear in BOTH THE OLD AND NEW testments that IDOLS are not his will. And Obedience is better than sacrifice. Worship, no matter how well intended, SHOULD BE HOLY!!! That is why Yah Veh punished King Saul for not killing ALL the the animals of the Amalekites. Yah Veh wanted OBEDIENCE! The second commandment of the TEN is "have no Idol" in the form of ANY LIVING BEING; made of stone, wood or glass. Don't worship them or serve them ". The 'T' is in the form of a man. And there are other IDOL forms in Christianity also... 

The doors of this Presbeterian Christian Church in Smethport, PA.

Notice the horns on ISIS in our photo before from pagan Egyptian religion? Now if we match the symbols of false gods to what is displayed in most Christian churches, which we have, then How do you think Yah Vah God would feel about practicing worship in these churches? HUMMMM? 

I think he would and does feel anger that we have let Satan deceive us into pagan god worship rather than keeping his NAME and his FEASTS like Passover. The scripture instructs us to remember His DEATH until he comes again. The Passover is a FOREVER feast because our Passover sacrifice is Yah Shau the Messiah. We remember the EXODUS and that DEATH passed over us in Egypt and that through the Messiah DEATH ETERNAL passes over us because HIS BLOOD was shed for us. The PASSOVER has one last fulfillment to come on earth and one to come at the throne of Yah Vah. When the plagues of the tribulation PASS OVER us and do not harm us, And when Yah Shua (Yah's Salvation) stands with us at judgment asking the Father to PASS OVER us for punishment. 

If what I write here is true...And it is, then we as Christians need to clean up the way we are worshiping. Test my words by the scripture. Look-up ISHTAR in the Library. Get a Strong's Concordance and look up EASTER (ACTS 4:12). Do a PHONETICAL word study (study of the sound origins of words). You'll see as I have that SOMEONE CHANGED THE TRANSLATION OF THE WORD PASSOVER ! And thereby, lead many astray. We are warned about this in 2 COR. 11:13-16 " For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Messiah. AND no marvel; for even Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works ". Also REV. ch 22:18-19 warns us of what happens to those who add or subtract from the words of prophecy. In Acts 4:12 we have both a subtraction and an addition. 

My Grandfather called it RESURRECTION DAY, and I think that is a more fitting title. In that we all are looking forward to THE RESURRECTION DAY when Yah Shua the Messiah returns. John 4:23 "...Those who worship Him, must worship Him in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH ". 

The Passover falls this year on April 18th, the 14th of ABIB. It is the year 6002 on the Hebrew Yahudim calendar ( 33 - 31=2 so 2000+2= 2002; we are 6002 years from creation in ABIB 200). Find someone who knows how to keep the Passover and ask to join their sadder. You can learn a lot about how the Creator painted the picture of salvation into his feasts by keeping them. This feast is marked by the new moon. NOT A BLANK Sky but the crescent moon. When it was seen in ancient Israel the trumpet would be sounded and everyone would know it was a new year. The new moon appeared on the evening of April 10th 1997, which is the first of ABIB 5999. The Calendar below is the first half of ABIB on the Hebrew Yahudim calendar. I will write more later on why we name the months different than the Jewish calendar.