Before I start my story let me assure you that I am deadly serious and ask that you read the whole text before you pass judgment on my sanity. You see it has become popular among the 'politically correct' liberal media industry to portray Bible believing people as nut cases. You may have heard of me through radio, TV, or have seen me perform at a concert. Some of you may have known me in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. Most of you don't know me at all. My hope is that you will now get a chance to read my testimony and meet my best friend by knowing what he has done for me. 

I was born in 1958 in Cleveland and raised by Robert and Laura Merrick, my parents. They did not get along and Dad drank allot. Let it suffice to say life was not easy. At the age of seven I accepted Jesus as my savior and began reading the Bible. At the age of 13 I was baptized by immersion at Collinwood Christian Church. In that late spring I also was immersed in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. That is where the Holy Spirit comes into you and prays for you in an unknown language (Angel's language) or a known language that you have not been taught (like Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, etc..). The important thing is that you know I had no idea what this was when it happened to me and that I was filled with joy beyond any experience I had in my life before that. 

As I grew up some things had to go. I had some bad experience as a child and was abused by people who judged me by gossip, rumors, and lies spread by those who thought by spreading them that they could protect themselves from the results of their actions. I share this not to judge or condemn these persons, just to let you know that being mistreated, kicked, beaten, punched, cursed at, and other things was common place for me during my childhood. The Bible says this is because of the name of the messiah that we have these things happen to us. After awhile the abuse got to be a bit much to take. Being called Jesus Freak and having my Bible kicked out of my hand was deeply wounding to a young teenage boy. When I asked a Catholic friend of mine why he was abusive to me if he was such a good Catholic he told me " The priest told me that you are a heretic and I can do anything I want to you because you are not in the TRUE church". These words would haunt me in later life as I became aware of the god of this world and the control of Satan in the affairs of men, governments, and religion. 

Peer-Group pressure and the wanting of acceptance lead me to get involved in testing of drugs and alcohol. My Doctor provided the pills and I stole the alcohol from my dad. I went to just drinking to excess eventually and was entered into a rehab facility in 1978.

Before that in 1975 I attended Bible college and left due to my conviction that the truth of the Bible was not what the Bible college was teaching, They had another gospel. This was what I like to call my crisis of faith. I had none. I believed in the Creator and his son Yahshua, BUT I HAD NO FAITH! The Bible says that even Satan believes and shakes at the thought, but Satan is not saved! 

In 1979 I joined the US Army and attended basic training at Fort Dix, NJ and Aberdeen proving grounds MD. In 1981 I entered the offices training program and was commissioned a second LT. in 1983 and attended Armor officers basic at Fort Knox, KY. I later attended Armor Officers advanced training at Fort Knox.

In 1987 a former Jesuit priest named Gerald Bull, now an arms engineer with a large business selling weapons designs world wide, made a deal to build a super-gun aimed at Israel for Iraq. Special teams designed to recon as tourists were sent to the region under a top secret operation and diplomatic channels were resourced to see what was going on.

In 1986 I had invested in real estate and did so using a course I purchased from a TV show. I appeared on the show later on USA network as a successful student. As a result of the new tax laws, theft on my credit cards, and my first wives fathers involvement in the underworld, the IRS audited me and The final result was I lost everything. My first wife was soon out the door after. 

The super-gun in Iraq financing was traced later to the Bank of Italy posing as a Georgia USA banking investment firm buying parts in England and the U.S. The funds for the project were traced to the Vatican. From there a Swiss account that was held by Iraq. A secret dialog was established with the Pope and an agreement was reached that resulted in a secret signing of a Concordat (agreement with the catholic church that the pope is god on earth) and diplomatic relations were established with the church as a Country for the first time in history with the U.S. This laid the ground work for a UN action against Iraq with papal permission. Which was just what president Reagan and Bush wanted.

A short time after the war an agreement was made also between Israel and the Vatican. 'In the hopes of establishing the New World Order's efforts of unity between these countries' the media reported that diplomats had come to these agreements, but the details were not disclosed. The pawn had been played well and the US became the arm of Vatican diplomacy to inspire Israel to become friends with the Catholic country.

By late 1989 my contacts were telling me that I should stop my inquiry into these things and that my concerns as a Jew might be cause for some alarm by the powers that be. Many of my friends in the Jewish community were fringe sects that believed that the moves of the Zionists and the US government was going in the same direction as Nazi Germany. I resigned my commission and moved to private life. 

My wife walked out the door at this time and left me to deal with foreclosure, and all the ills that a self lead life leaves. Now let me say that this was a women that saw food appear from sources unknown when I was between jobs and we had nothing to eat. I walked out of my new job to find the car full of bags of food. No person had been told of my need, except in prayer. She left because she had no faith. I was sitting waiting for the moving truck and decided to watch a TV evangelist. I had been crying and was feeling very low as a result of all the lose in my life, basically feeling sorry for myself. The evangelist on TV began to talk about a person who was supposed to be a minister but went a wrong direction. He said that he knew that this person was watching and wanted him to call now. I knew from the way the TV evangelist was talking that he meant me. I said in my head a small prayer explaining to God that the phone was disconnected for non-payment 3 days before. That is when I heard a voice. Now let me explain I WAS ALONE IN THE HOUSE. I HEARD A VOICE SAY "I TOLD YOU TO GO PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL HIM". No it was not the TV evangelist who had already begun to pray for other requests. The voice scared me so that I jumped out of my chair and went in to the kitchen and picked up the phone. IT WAS WORKING. I called and prayed with the pastor on the line. This was the start of my return to walking in the will of the ALL Mighty Yah. 

I moved to Pittsburgh and joined the Messianic Jewish (Jews who believe in Jesus) community there. I had ordered the SABBATH KEEPERS DIRECTORY, a listing of 7th day Sabbath keeping organizations and fellowships from the Sabbath Sentinel, a small publication to 7th day communities across the country. A friend of mine showed me a copy and I became concerned that I had not gotten my copy yet. I called and found it had been mailed to me and that done I checked with the post office, which still has not gotten back to me! My friends copy was not so interesting to me upon first glance in that I had never heard of the Branch Dividians. Page ONE first entry of the directory was Branch Dividians, 7th day, listing. Later this had more significance to me.

A friend called me and said that he had left the Army and joined a group of people working on reestablishing constitutional law. He was going to be in my area and thought I might have coffee with him. I did. He had intercepted a message that caused him to be troubled, being a good catholic. He found that certain cardinals in Rome were communicating with our government prior to the event at waco referring to the event. He had gone through a major faith crisis and wanted to talk with me more about what I knew about the History of Catholic church and the Bible. 

My friend said to me " I am scared to death, these men are going to kill people because they don't agree with the new world order and the Catholic Church's goals in that order". He didn't know what to believe anymore. He now lives outside the US and fears for his life for what he knows. If a one world government takes control of the free expression of faith in the church, and passes laws, such as PAC (political action committee) laws that limit pastors from making political comments, and uses that power to influence spiritual concepts to fit their unholy goals, then the anti-Christ has come, and he is more seductive and deceptive than ever thought before. 

Early one spring morning I received a phone call that said, "we understand you have considerable Bible knowledge". "I'm sure you have been watching the news and we wondered if you might help us to negotiate with David Koresh". I declined and referred them to a pastor I thought would help who declined also. 

In 1993 Showtime did a movie about Gerald Bull and his involvement in the events leading to the Gulf War and his murder. The content also included the tracing of funds to the bank of Italy and just came short of placing the finger where the blame lay.

In the 1800's the Catholic Church did legal battle in supreme court with the 7th Day Adventist church and lost. The BLUE LAWS that were passed preventing work on Sundays were the subject of the battle. The record shows that the then pope, vowed to "destroy the bastion of Protestant faith in America". Is he still working toward that end?

My friend and the phone call confirmed to me that the US agreement of 1989 to establish diplomatic relations with the Vatican was for more than just diplomatic relations, It was to test the laws of religious freedom in this country. What better way than to plan a disinformation press coverage of an unlawful BATF warrant.(See Waco the big lie, by Linda T.) The UN world council of churches wants to establish a one world universal religion and the only way to do that is to see if the American people would sit and do nothing when the laws protecting religious freedom were tested by violating the rights of a religious group. It is impossible to unite the world's peoples if they hold religious doctrine that would oppose unity with other religions such as Bible based evangelicals and 7th day groups hold. In fact the very nature of these Bible based groups is opposed to the doctrine of the anti- Christ and a one world religion's part in bringing this beast (Satanic government) into power.

In 1993 I traveled to Russia and Ukraine with the Bible League. I then went to Israel for the first time which was a very meaningful experience for me. While in the Ukraine a lady ran up to me on the street to ask me , through the translator, what God's name was in Hebrew. I was amazed that the only person in our group that was aware of the fact of the sacred name of YAH (see Daniel papers) was me. This and many other experiences proved to me that the divine creator had ordered my paths long before I took them.

In Ukraine I found that during the communist occupation that the towns in the former Soviet Union were given a choice to vote for a Catholic or a Russian Orthodox church. The pastors told me that the KGB had agents in all the churches and watched to insure that religion was taught only in agreement with political controls. The recent laws passed in our country reflect a similar control that requires that if a religious group wants to express political opinions, they must first file as a Political Action Committee. This is a deadly blow to free speech. I concluded that the one world order is not only a member of the Catholic Church, but after the KGB's example, a member of every church.

Anytime you hear 'we all worship that same god anyway' that is the voice of your UN one world government. You see Yah Veh God says in his ten commandments that the ends does not justify the means. Political religious leaders don't have such morals. If you doubt what I am saying is true ask yourself this: Which side was Italy on in W.W.II? Where did the German gold go to? Why did it take over 2 years for pope pius XII to denounce the Imperialist acts world wide and not once mention the killing of 6 million Jews and 6 million Protestants in Hitler's rain of terror or offer apologies for the Catholic church's part in that? (Feb 18,1946). 

Linda T. in her video about Waco mentions THE CULT AWARENESS NETWORK and the efforts of a former member of the Branch dividians with that group. It is interesting to note that ALL local chapters of this organization are headed by a Catholic. The Pittsburgh PA chapter is headed by a Catholic nun. Most of their meetings are held in Catholic parishes. I'm not Catholic bashing I'm just calling the shots where they LIE. If Satan was a CIA agent where do you think he would infiltrate first? 

Organized religion has failed to meet the spiritual needs of people and has gone over to Satan's side. The founders of this country were PRO-TEST-TANTS and fought to keep kings ,Queens, Congress, and Popes from having laws against how we worship. Protestants were named such for protesting the Catholic faith and country along with its dictator, the pope. At Waco, the United States government broke many laws. Thereby establishing the foundation to enforce more laws against so called 'cults' that don't agree with the one world government and it's political religious agenda. 

One point of interest for you to think on. UN resolution number 666 gave the UN power to seize any governments wealth, money, and holdings in any bank in the world to pay for any joint UN action. This was done under the pretense that it was to pay the US for the gulf war. The law still remains in effect today. Revelation 13:16-18 says "he caused all men both great and small...... to receive a mark in the right hand or in the forehead....and no man could  buy or sell save he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who understands count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; 666." If you talk with any theological student of Bible prophesy he will tell you that the word Beast means government in Bible prophesy. As with Daniel's interpretation of the king of Babylon's dream when Daniel tells him the beast you saw was a government. 

Mt. Carmel (WACO) was originally founded by a 7th day Adventist women who believed that the Feminine nature of the Holy Spirit, being that the original word for Holy Spirit in Hebrew is feminine case, was something which was deserving more in-depth study and prayer. The community was established as a joint living common fellowship to help foster the presence of the maternal nature of the Holy Spirit by living together.

Still no evidence exists that child abuse or molesting took place. Still no evidence exists to prove that the gun that the BATF claimed was the reason for the warrant to collect a $250 tax, ever existed. Still Janet Reno, the BATF agents, the FBI, and the military commanders that violated the passé com tatas act that prohibits use of US military equipment against civilians and the Geneva convention remain unpunished for the crime of murder. The laws of war prohibit the use of Fire on children. A cop can't even hand-cuff a child under 18 in some states. SOP for any CS GAS military training event is that fire prevention be present because the Army knows that 'harmless' CS (tear) gas burns at 230 degrees F. It has to in order to form the crystals that cause crying and blindness. CS gas when used in civilian police operations is never done without the firemen present. IT IS SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). The temperature that day in Waco was well over 90 and the compound was all wood construction. 

The truth be told the conspiracy is so high and deep that the only hope this country has is a return to the truth of the Bible. NOT RELIGION BUT BIBLE which says: " we fight not against flesh and blood, but domains and powers of spiritual wickedness in high places". Perhaps David Koresh was right after all, and the seven seals of Revelation he wanted to write about was the very reason he had to die. Let me clear up one thing right now on what I believe about the United States. This country has exsisted from it's conception for one purpose only, to publish (print) the Bible in every language of the world. Nothing more. 

Matthew 24:14 "This gospel of the Kingdom shall be published in all the world for a witness to all nations; and then the end shall come." 

If you think that this is a little far fetched and that I am a little off. How could a 2000 year old prophesy be coming true today before our eyes. That perhaps I am suggesting that Satan himself has come in the flesh and is about to take over the world. You might ask what was the reason for the murder of those children and their pastor who wanted to write about the prophesies of the Bible referring to the anti-Messiah. If Yahshua (Jesus) was real, and he was, Satan is real too. Being a Bible student myself I am convinced. 

If you think I have been watching to much TV then you might read Genesis about the first time mankind tried to unite the world in opposition to God, it's called the tower of babble. Babylon is written of over and over in Revelation. Could there be a significant reason that this word Babylon and what originally happened there is used in this prophesy to refer to the formation of a one world order? If it is not Satan himself, the men in charge of this new one world order are sure a worthy substitute for the prince of darkness. If Yah God works through people, doesn't Satan? 

A friend of mine at Ft. Lewis, WA told me they are storing 109 guillotines shipped there from China under the favored trading status agreement a few years back. Why is our government buying guillotines from China? The Bible says that in the last days before Christ returns that those who believe in him will be beheaded for their faith. It seems to me that things just add up to much in favor of thinking this is all true. By the way, Why did an CIA operations chief disappear? Why would a General kill himself? Over medals and decorations out of place? NO. Men of intelligence don't kill themselves unless they have lost all hope. These men knew what I know and paid for it with their lives because they had hard evidence. If Satan did come where do you think he would show up first being a master of deception? Most likely in Church, where he has been working for centuries. 

" Even Satan appears to be an angle of light, so marvel not if his ministers appear to be ministers of righteousness" IICorinthians Chapter 11, the Holy Bible. 

"This day can not come until the son of perdition come first...with all deceivableness' and lying signs and wonders....setting himself up in the temple of Yahweh, showing himself that he is Yahweh." II Thessalonians Chapter 2, the Holy Bible. 

That is my story. That in my life I watched the Bible taken out of our schools in the USA. In my life I knew men, women, and children that had a chance to escape the religions of the world. Some choose salvation while others choose money, status, and position. I have studied with hours of research in library after library all over the world. I have seen unspeakable acts of selfishness and violence and never heard of acts of kindness and love. I have come to this conclusion. Religion, any religion that seeks power, money, political position, or status, is not what the Messiah Yahshua was speaking about when he came. He was talking about eternal life through faith in HIS Name. He was taking about being willing to die for your fellow man. In the ARMY officers have an expression: 'falling on your sword'. The saying originates form Roman times but today in the US it means taking the heat for your troops. Taking the punishment for the little guy under you who works hard to help you get promotions, when he makes a mistake. Although this may not be attractive to most today, the results are just like what the savior did for the whole world. He was killed for our sin even though he was not guilty. 

My life so far was not perfect. Just ask my sister and she'll give you an ear full of what she thinks of me. But the important thing here is not Me but you. What I mean is that we all have to stop looking outward and focus on ourselves. So some kids were cruel to me in High school. So some choices I made in life were wrong. So the Catholic church had inquisitions. That is not going to change anything in me. Only an internal change in me can be reflected in the external world to improve my life and effect others. And that can only happen by the divine miracle of trusting Yah (God) at His word the Bible. That is why my faith is messianic, because I am following a person who was the Messiah, not a religion, pastor, party, singer, guru, or whatever. The only thing besides love that has meant anything in my life is the Messiah Yahshua and the Bible, His word. The best thing I can tell you if you are searching is what the Bible says: 

"In order to be saved, you must first believe that Yah Veh God is, and is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him." 

Many have said of me that I am this or that (I shall not get into accusations made against me). But if the truth be said there is one thing that my life and education has shown of my heart, I diligently seek HIM. From the one who is given much forgiveness, much is required. 

The Bible prophets said that there would be a generation of man that would see the coming of the Messiah to put an end to man's governments and the world's religious systems to establish an everlasting kingdom. That is the hope, faith, and trust that I have in the Messiah Yahshua. That what he said was true, and that that knowledge with His Holy Spirit could bring me through every trial and problem of life and death. The warning we have that I pass on to you is that first the anti-messiah will come claiming to be messiah. 

Repent, for the kingdom of Yah Vah is at hand! That is the message that Yahshua Messiah spoke when he walked the earth. The important thing I want to express to you is not that Catholics are bad. Catholics are people just like you and me. Any person in any religion is Just another person like any other. We all are subject to the same experience, joy, and pain. Germany before World War II blamed the Jewish race and religion for their economic condition. That is a prejudgment I do not desire to make concerning the Catholic people. But that in mind, any religion that teaches doctrine void of love and a personal prayer relationship with Yahshua Messiah who is bar none the best example of love, is not the truth the Bible teaches me. 

The Messiah Yahshua was tried and did not answer back in the face of false accusation. He taught that religion void of the truth of a friendship with Yah Veh God, was vain worship. He said speaking of the Jewish scribes and religious leaders concerning their Biblical practice of the law: "all that they teach you do". He also said not to follow their example of saying one thing and doing another. I have a personal friendship in prayer and experience with Yahshua Messiah and Yah Vah the creator. To me, religion, both Christian and Jewish, has doctrine that is against that type of simple faith. Faith that says 'I do not judge you, go and sin no more'. My favorite example of religion and it's teaching is Ireland. Catholics kill Protestants and Vise Versa. That is not the faith of the Messiah. 

In 1993 I was baptized again in the name of Yahshua reconfirming my faith in the one true creator God, maker of all that is. Since that time I have rested on the 7th day Sabbath for the blessing that following Yah Vah's commandments bring. My doctrine is messianic FAITH not religion. What makes me different and willing to change to follow the teachings of Yahshua Messiah is the fact that I made that choice and received the gift of love and the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit that makes me desire to be holy. Self-righteous religion that judges others based on a set of rules void of the law of love is the experience of mankind in history. That is a sad fact. And that is why I believe in the only faith that made love and selflessness it's central teaching. The teaching that all are adopted into one family of 12 brothers who made up 12 tribes. Where both Jew and Gentile are one family in spirit, love and faith. The faith that follows Messiah Yahshua and his example of being faithful to love unto death. No religion in the world teaches that. Only FAITH in Yahshua Messiah and his teaching 'to do to others as you would have done to you' and the friendship with Yah Vah God in an eternal family and kingdom of love can offer true change. It is that faith that has caused men throughout history to stand against kings and evil rulers in that face of death to improve mans condition selflessly. History is my witness to that fact. And my life has been a prayerful attempt to share that truth in love, following the eternal best example of that love, Yahshua the Messiah. 

John 3:16 & 17 "For Yah Vah God loved the world and its people so very much, that he sent His one and only son into that world; that who ever believes in him, would not parish, but have eternal life. For Yah Vah God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world and it's people, but that the world might be saved through him. "

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