CYMG is a UCCMA congregation with the sole purpose of spreading the name of God "Yah" through good works world wide. Our mission is to provide help by a means that will generate continued income to meet all needs such as micro business seed money and housing.

Our primary mission and goal is to win souls for Yahshua. This is the first priority. To do this we work with a World Wide Evangelistic Organizations.

We promote the name of YAH in all the earth.

We are also working on a building fund for a handicapped housing project. Contributions for the building fund can be made out to CYMG.

Many Jews are still left in RUSSIA and former soviet union countries where they are being persecuted and killed. It is no longer a government effort, but public opinion and bigotry seem to win out over love to often. We have a fund to help get Jewish people out of these countries and into the US or Israel.

Make Checks out to CYMG, Exodus fund. 858 Rt. 446 Smethport, PA 16749

We are also helping with several bible colleges outside the US and are working with missions in several denominations. For more information on our outreach programs and missions you can e-mail or call (814) 887-5895.