Yah's Feast Days

There are seven feasts ( HOLY-DAYS ) in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They are found in LEV. Chapter 23. Here is a list of what They Are and what they mean to Yahudim (those who call on the name of YAH):

1) PASSOVER - The angel of death passed over the children of Israel in Egypt, Yah Shua is our Passover lamb and FINAL sacrifice for sin, Yah's judgment will pass over us in the tribulation & at the judgment throne by the blood of the lamb.

2) UNLEAVENED BREAD - Getting the leaven out of the house symbolizes getting sin out of your life by being sanctified (made holy) by keeping the law of the 10 commandments and celebrating the feasts.

3) PENTECOST - The Holy Spirit came in power to help us overcome the world and sin, and to empower us with gifts.

4) ATONEMENT - After Yahshua ascended into heaven, he became our high priest, and annually makes intercession for us in the temple in heaven for our sins.

5) TRUMPETS - At the sound of the last trumpet we shall be changed into holy, sinless, beings like Yahshua, and live with him forever.

6) TABERNACLES - As the children of Israel were told to build huts or booths, Yahshua Messiah was born on this feast and TABERNACLED among us, the Holy Spirit TABERNACLES in us, and YAH will TABERNACLE with us in the New Jerusalem.

7) LAST GREAT DAY - THE JUDGMENT DAY, The day that Yahshua first began to keep every point of the law (8 days after his birth; see Luke Ch.3) by being circumcised this day. This symbolizes the day we all will be JUDGED in the future.

For information on the feast days, where we are keeping the feasts, and when they are:
Pastor Daniyah