Messianic Yahudim

Messianic Yahudim means 'the people (congregation) who call on the name of YAH (GOD) and follow messiah'. Scripture references are given at the end of this statement.

Yahudim Believe:
1.) In Yah (God) The Father, Creator of all, and Yahshua (Jesus) the messiah, and The Holy Spirit: Which is All One; AND in using the correct hebrew pronunciation of Their Names in praise and worship rather than titles. Deut.6:4-5,Plsm. 68:4,Matt ch.27, & Acts 4:12. 

2.) The Holy Spirit has seven inhabitations in the body of messiah being the 7 congregations as revealed in Rev. 4:5 & 5:6 "The Seven Spirits of YAH", which are an expression of the authority given to Messiah's followers as a living temple for Yah the creators habitation. 

3.) In baptism by immersion in the name of Yah the Father and Yah shua the son. 

4.) In baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues or prophesying Eph.1:3. 

5.) That Yahshua Messiah (Jesus) came in the flesh, born of the virgin Marium by the power of YAH, that he died shedding his blood for our sin, was laid in a tomb, and arose 3 - 24 hour days later. 

6.) In keeping the 7 feasts of Lev. ch.23 as a sign that we are his people and for a blessing and a promise; As a picture and type of the plan of salvation. Col. ch.2, ICor.5:8 

7.) In obeying the Ten Commandments including the forth commandment sabbath rest.Exd.31:12-18,Romans 3:31, Gal.6:7-9 

8.) That Yah Shua (Jesus) was impailed on an upright stake so that mankind could be born of the Spirit, Born Again, and that the only biblical authorized symbol of true worship is the seven lampstand menorah (seven candlesticks); AND that Messianic Yahudim (Jews) should not worship under symbols of tammuz and the star of david. Deut.10:16, Jerem.4:4, Romans 2:28-29, Gal. 6:15-16, John3;3-8, Exd.25:31-37, Rev.1:20, Amos 5:24-26, & Acts 7:43. 

9.) In only eating foods called "clean" in the bible. Lev.20:25, Deut14:3-26. (This is not Kosher according to the standards of the Jewish religions which add 6000 plus laws to the original 614 of the old testament.) 

10.) The biblical given proof of salvation is to test the spirit(s) to see if they be from YAH (God) and that one publicly confesses Yah Shua as messiah who came in the flesh, born of a virgin; That we repent from sin to keep the commandments in Love and Love of the truth. 1John 2:3, Rev. 12:17 & 14:12, 2Thes. Ch.2. 

11.) That YahShua Messiah was born during the Hebrew feast of tabernacles not in the Roman 12th month. Luke 1:8-9 & v.26, Chr.8:14, Lev.16:17. 

12.) That 'religion' as a world system with it's political base is Babylon Mystery Religion; And that we are commanded by Messiah to come out of systems that divide the true unity of The Holy Spirit. 1Cor.1:13, Rev. 2:6&15, Rev.18:4. 

13.) That the ANTI-Messiah will come first claiming to be messiah, before Messiah Yahshua returns; AND that this son of perdition will cause all men both great and small to be marked in the right hand or forehead to buy and sell. This anti-messiah will make war with those who will not join his false worship. 1John 2:18, Rev. 13:15-18. 

14.) Yahshua will return in the flesh in the same mannor which he departed, at the sound of the seventh trump to take the Israel of Yah ( both Jews and Gentiles called by his name) to be with Him forever. Acts15:15-17, 1Cor.15:52. 

15.) That armed resistance to governments, religions, and spiritually wicked rulers in high places is not the will or doctrine of messiah or the bible; Which teach us to go willingly as a lamb to our death if our faith require. Eph.6:12, 1John 2:6. 

16.) That the 66 books of the Bible are the inspired word of Yah Vah All Mighty and scripture given for correction and reproof, to build the body of Messiah and empower the Missionary, Prophet, Elder, Evangelist, and Teacher, AND every believer to witness the truth of salvation to the world. 

REF: 1Cor.15:51-52, John 14:2-3 & 23, 1John 2:3-4; 3:20-22, Phlp 3:20-21, Acts 14:11, Romans 10:17, IIThess.2:1-12, Matt. 27:46-50, Rev. 18:1-24; 21:1-22, Plsm 135:13; 45:17; 20:7, Proverbs 18:20, Amos 5:21-27, Jerm. 10:1-25; 23:25-27; 32:28-36; 44:15-29.

YAHUDIM believe in salvation through grace, not of works, so no man should brag.