Yahshua Messiah Gathering

"Worship in Spirit & in TRUTH"... John 4:23

The Congregation Yahshua Messiah is a gathering 
of Jews, Gentiles, Israelites, and
people from all walks of life who hold to the
 Messianic Yahudim, (Messianic Jewish) faith.

We hold a literal-(symbolic & typological) view of biblical scripture, 
both old and new testament.  We keep the
7th day sabbath and practice the gifts of the spirit.  
We believe in YAH the father,
Yah shua the son, and the Holy Spirit 
in it's 7 expressed indwelling (Rev. 4:5).
We believe that these three are ONE.

We are not Christians or Jewish. We are not Religious.  
Religion is a set of MAN MADE
doctrine that teaches TRADITION, PRACTICE, and RITUAL.
Such things as Man Made Religions
Yahshua said he hated. (Matt.15:1-9;Rev.2:V6&15) 
We believe that there is only one doctrine,
one way, one truth, and one life. We believe that
in order to be saved from death after life,
one must have a personal relationship with the
creator of the universe.

We hold a more HISTORICAL view of the family known as ISRAYAH
(Israel) and study the scripture
Many times the Ancient Greek & Hebrew reveal that the 
modern Greek & Hebrew, and the English mistranslations, 
prove to be in error.

THEREFORE: We hold that the most important point of the Bible 
is that YAH, and his son
YAH shua (Jesus), have 

To learn more about YAH's name and about our congregation 
and beliefs, click on the link below
and please enjoy your stop by our site.  
And by the way, we believe in TOLERANCE towards
all faiths but not ACCEPTANCE of their doctrine.  
In other words, when YAH created us HE
gave us all free will - But if we want to live forever 
in HIS plan then we must surrender
our will to HIM and learn HIS plan.  
That does not include Hate, Killing, War, etc......
All of which things RELIGIONS have done to people 
for thousands of years.  
That is a fact of history.

 CYMG, Daniyah

Statement of Faith