Why No Chuin-Ka?

The holiday called Chuinka, Chanukah or Hanukkah phonetically is not
a commandment of Yah Vah God almighty but is kept by Jews and
some Messianic Jews each year at the time of the Christian Christmas.

To Know why it is pagan and why it should not be kept as a Holy Day we
must do some research. That I have done and listed in this paper.

Chanukah came for the Apocrypha Text which was a copying of some old testament
books and some writings from the 400 years before Messiah came.
The Day of Chanukah was taken from those writings from the books of
I Maccabees and II Maccabees:

I Maccabess 13:50-52

"Then Cried they to Simon, beseeching him to be at one with them; which
thing he had granted them; and when he had put them out from thence, he
cleansed the tower from pollution's; and entered into it the three and
twentieth day of the second month, in the hundred seventy and first year,
with thanksgiving, and branches of palm trees, and with harps, and
with cymbals, and with viols, and hymns, and songs: because there was
destroyed a great enemy out of Israel.  He ordained (Simon) also that
that day should be kept every year with gladness.  Moreover the hill of
the temple that was by the tower he made stronger than it was, and
there he dwelt himself with his company. "

NO WHERE in this text or the next I shall quote shall you see " THE LORD "
or "YAH" or "ELOHIM" or any title equated to the creator as the subject
followed by the word commanded! In simple terms, SIMON COMMANDED this day
(Not 8 or 12 days) to be kept!

II Maccabess 15:30  and 15:36

"AND Judas, who was ever the chief defender of the citizens both in body
and in mind, and who continued his love for his countrymen all his life,
commanded to strike off Nicanor's head and the hand with his shoulder,
and bring them to Jerusalem.............................................
And THEY ordained all with a common decree in no case to let that day
pass without solemnity, but to celebrate the thirteenth day of the twelfth
month, which in the syrian tongue is called adar, the day before Mardocheus'

This is the day that has become CHUINKA. For it was kept before the Jews by
the Romans and Chaldeeians as the day of CHUIN and MOLACH.

Added to this celebration was the NINE candles and the dra-del games.

Still no Rabbi or teacher or pastor that I know of any where has the guts
to stand up for the TRUTH and condemn this unholy practice of a
Pagan god celebration disguised as a Jewish national independence day.
That is what it was.  The DAY that those who defiled the temple were driven out and destroyed.

Satan with an evil design plotted to end the line of Messiah before his
coming and Yah gave the children of Israel the strength to overcome those
who had allied themselves with Satan.  Then the Victors allied themselves with
Satan and took on Idol worship and cultic witchcraft and worshipped
the star god of Chuin and Molach.(Amos 5:25)

In Babylon that is what December holidays were for.  They would offer their
unborn children on the alter of the star god to repower the Sun that
was going out because the astrologers reported that the day hours were getting
shorter.  So they had to repower it with LIFE FORCE which the god of the dead
Molach had stolen.  So to appease these two gods Death and Sun, they
aborted children and took newborns to the alter of the star god and murdered
them.  They believed that this would repower the SUN and appease Molach.

Every Dec. 21 or there about this was an annual ritual of pagans.  AMOS 5:25
and Acts 7:43 tell us of how Israel took up this false worship and was taken
to Babylon for their sin of false worship.

This STAR and this DAY is an evil thing.  We should celebrate only the days
times and season that Yah Veh God commanded as HOLY DAYS.

Even the bases on which the present Jewish practice is kept has been changed.
The ONE Day has become 9.  The 7 candles is now 9.  The dradel game
which was a cabalistic cult of warlocks tool for writing cantations of
witchcraft is now a child's game.

As the world moved closer to paganism through Satan's lies and subtle
poisoning of the truth, religious men embraced this evil and now try
to call it holy.

The Apocrypha has some truthful records and some writings of the times
OF YAH ! One example is Bel and the Dragon. A Fairy tale but not inspired.
You may be able to correlate this writing with the book of Daniel or some
other Ideas of how Satan is deceiving men, but BE-EL (BAAL) and the Dragon
is about a pagan Idea and has no valid place in Yah's Holy Books.

The only feasts Jews and Israelites are commanded to keep are in Lev. Ch.23
Seven seasons or feasts and the times of the Sabbaths or resting days within
the feast and on the weekly sabbath or resting day. Christians have no biblical
commandment to do otherwise.

One of the methods of the study of language and the history of a word is
called a ' WORD STUDY'. Many pastors and teachers use this method to find
the origin and history of a word.  A little known method of this area of
study is called a Phonetical word study.  When we study the sounds of the
word we look for phonetical clues to its origin and true meaning.
The word CHUN KAH comes for CHUIN who was a false god in Israel and in
Babylon.  I Chronicles 18:8 tells us that this City named CHUN was in symaria
and that it was a Brass making center.  The Root of this word is KUIN
for the false god for which that city was named which is strongs Number
3594.  This idol symbol was also known as Baal-Peor.  There were two
Peor : Baal Peor and Remph-peor.  Baalpeor was also known as Moloch, the god
of the dead. and REMPH or RAH - peor was the Sun-god.

They both had there peor-ra-myd.  The peor-rah-mid of Baal or Bael was
a triangle with its base parallel to the earth where this deity lived.
The RA or Remph (coming from egyptian and Greek or Symarian) was the
triangle with the base toward the sky where the sun-god lived.

These two Peor-ra-mids were superimposed to make a star.  The star of Kuin and
Molach or the star of David (Moses Ben David as it was named by the Zionist
political movement for one of its founders).

This IDOL symbol is on the flag of present day Israel and is tied to many
pagan evils and sins written of in the Bible.  The valley of the Kings in Egypt
is the Six pyramids dedicated by the Pharos to this star god and tied to
the roots of the many god worship they learned from Babylon and Egypt.

The KAH is strongs number 3542 coming from 3512 and 1931 meaning: TIME
*(like this of sadness) of him. Therefore we can see CHUIN KAH means the
time of chuin of sadness.  This was also closely related to the time of
darkness when the babylonians and other pagan cultures light candles.
Thus it is also referred to as the festival of lights.

This is also where the Islamic faith gets it's December celebrations name
RAH MAH DOHN ----Rah=sungod, Mah=Molach, god of the dead, Dohn for worship.
Another pagan practice of the worship of the cycle of the stars and seasons
and the ancient deities who represented these ideas.  All were the doctrine
of Satan and Idolatry.

In the book of Jeremiyah chapter 10:1 in the Bible Yah Veh God
has him write: "do not be dismayed by the signs in the heaven".  It further
says that the pagan is dismayed and cuts down trees and puts them in their
homes and decorates them with silver and gold.  ALL THREE GREAT WORLD

That is why the Bible in Rev. ch. 17 & 18 calls it Babylon Mystery Religion.
The Mystery is how all these symbols equal the same thing. WORSHIP OF SATAN!
In the form of the sun god and the god of the dead all men in these religions
worship satan.

The new testament warns us of this form of worship "they worship the creature
above the creator" (Romans Ch.1).

In Babylon where this practice was first begun, a witch named Simaramus had
a child by her own son named Tammuz. Tammuz was sacrificed by Simaramus to
the star god. She told the people of that day that Tammuz would go and
suspend himself between the world of the dead and the world of the sun (life)
and take the stolen life force from Moloch or Chuin and repower the sun.
Hence the abortion god was named Moloch and the life god or sun god was
named Re or Ra.  This ritual day was on or about mid to end December
on the Roman Calendar.

The Prophets condemned this day as an abomination.  Weeping for Tammuz and
sacrifice of children were recounted over and over in Jeremiyah and even in
Leviticus we are instructed to not cause our children to walk across the
fire of hinnon or fire of C-Huin.  This was the practice of having children
to old to be sacrificed to walk across hot coals to prove they were
empowered by chuin to live rather than be sacrificed.

This practice has been reborn in the modern "Personal Power" ceremonies of
the mind cults. It is demonic in nature and purpose and serves no spiritual
purpose or mental benefit to the individual.  It is the error of mind
control without the caution of the scripture: "Thou shalt not tempt Yah Veh
thy creator".

So this time is set aside by men, not Yah Veh God, to the false god Kuin
at the time of darkness IE: The daylight hours are shortened; as a time
of sadness (as in weeping for Tammuz).

AS with all of satan's replacement days, Chuin-Ka is not a day Yah has set
aside to worship him or celebrate his blessings.

To test a Holiday to see if it is spiritually correct it must meet the
Biblical test.  That test is best taken by asking two questions:

1. Does it praise Yah(GOD) by his commanded establishment of it?

2. Does it celebrate Yah's power and blessings?

The next question you have to ask your self is this:
Does the ritual and practice of this holiday have an unclean or pagan
symbol in it?  If it does then we can not call it a Holiday
Because the word Holiday means HOLY DAY.

Lets test Chuinkah and see if it meets the test.

A. It was established by Judas Maccabees about 175 years before Christ.
B. It has since its establishment taken on the symbols of pagan holidays
where children were murdered and pagan rites of witchcraft were practiced.
C. There were no Biblical commandments given to Moses of this day or days.
D. It was never called CHUIN-KA in the original writings of this first
E. CHUIN is the name of a false god.
F. The present day practices of this day are patterned after pagan and
heathen rites condemned in the Bible by the prophets.
G. The Messiah never kept this celebration.

Some say that we are wrong about this in that the Bible recounts that during
the Feast of Dedication ( which some say was Chunikah ) Yahshua (Jesus)
walked on the porch of the temple.

Some study of history will correct this matter in that the time of the
first dedication of Solomon's temple is at this time and a rededication of
the temple after the battles of Judas Maccabees was also at this time.
So the best we can say from what is written about what Yahshua did at this
time is that he may have remembered the time when the temple was purified
and made holy again.  The scripture does not say that Yahshua kept this

All things considered, this celebration in it's present day practice and
symbols is pagan, unholy, and against every established spiritual precept
given us by Yah Veh God.

As is also: Christmas, Holloween, Easter, New years eve, st. patrick's
day and Valentines day.  All these in present day practice have pagan
symbols and witchcraft rites in them.  They foster lying to children
about easter bunnies and santa claus, vampires and glorifying demons,
witches and evil.

The true final test of these things is in your heart.  Is your heart for
the truth and what Yah the creator wants or will you compromise for
a lie?

The seven feast days and times of Yah or Satanic replacements?

Rest on the Sabbath or Sunday morning idol worship?

Feast of Tabernacles is enough for me. It celebrates that Yah God will
come to live with us some day soon and that Yahshua Messiah came at this
time to live in the flesh of men to help us gain victory over Satan.

Sunday worship is not in it self evil, just when it is done under the
symbols and names of false gods.

Paul commanded the first believers to lay aside their offerings on this day
(the first day of the week) so that the law of changing money on the
sabbath day would not be broken.  The practice of a bringing of a gift for
the kingdom of Yah has become a forgetting of the day Yah set aside to rest
to many.  For others it has not become such and the true Holy Spirit of Yah
dwells in the worship of these believers on Sunday mornings and every day
of the week.  Because they worship in HOLINESS the one true creator YAH.

Yah Veh God Blesses and honors those who are working toward Holiness and
growing in faith toward His will and Purpose that all men might be saved.

Another thing to consider is that Col. 2 says that the Holy days are a
shadow of things to come. Chuinkah has no spiritual relevance to be a type
of any spiritual principal or do I find any scripture of any thing to come
that reflects the ritual of this holiday.

Chuinkah even by its name has unholiness and anything unholy will not be
in the eternal kingdom.  Notice here also that no Holy Day of Yah was ever
named after any person, place or title of anybody real or mythological.

Passover is an act of Passing over someone or thing.
Unleavened bread is something we eat.
Feast of weeks (Pentecost) is 5 weeks after passover called by its time.
Atonement is an action word.
Trumpets is a sound ( the act of blowing a trumpet).
Tabernacle is the act of Dwelling.
Judgment is another action.

Even sabbath is RESTING and shows actions required.

Yah Veh made his Holy days to picture ACTION of Yah reaching to mankind
and how Yah wants us to respond to his efforts to save us.

CHUIN KAH literally means the day of chuin.

Yah God would not be pleased with us keeping day or days named after false
gods. In the time of the prophets before the coming of Messiah, the
children of Israel were told that worshipping in the name of other gods
and under the symbols of pagan idols was an abomination.

I see no evidence that this policy has changed and that somehow we of modern
times have been exempted from his desire for a people set aside for his name
who worship Yah God in Spirit and IN TRUTH.(John4:23)

Some Christians have said to me "well, that doesn't mean that anymore" in
speaking of Christmas trees and other pagan symbols.  My response is this:
By who's authority do you say this?  I know by who's authority I am speaking
and writing.  That is Yah the all mighty God of all creation.  Yah made
his will known to us in the Holy Bible.  On the grounds of that document
and the word of His prophets, these pagan things were and are called an

Exodus 31 says that we should not even let the names of other gods be
heard coming out of our mouths.

The bottom line in this matter is really simply mathematical.  Can we count?
Yah gave us SEVEN Holy Seasons in Leviticus Chapter 23.  To add another to
these Holidays (Holydays) is to rewrite the word of Yah Veh God and say that
what he did was not enough.  No where in the original text of the New
Testament is any other Holy Days spoken of. In fact Paul wrote in
Corinthians "Let Us Keep the Feasts".  Since there is no reference to any
other feasts written in either the old or new covenant writings Paul must
be writing of the seven in Lev. ch. 23.

Hanakah, Rahmadhan, and Christmas were originally the same holiday in Babylon
thousands of years before Christ.  Leviticus is a book written by Moses that
all three of these faiths accept as God's Holy Word.  Yet all three divert
from this word to keep these pagan days without any authority to do such from

There is only one faith that teaches against this practice.  That is Yahdim
Messianic Faith.  And that is why I am a follower of Yahshua in this faith
and not the member of a religion that teaches the commandments of men as if
it were the doctrine of Yah Vah God. (Matt. Ch. 15)

Please understand, I do not judge or condemn others for their practices of these
days.  I feel that the Bible is clear that we are not to judge one as damned
as if we were the all mighty himself.  But we are instructed to judge
righteous judgment.  My measure of righteousness is the Bible.  By that
standard in righteous judgment I do not practice Hanukkah, Rahmadhan, and

As for my friends and relatives that do, I may buy them a gift and respect
their feelings in that I have thought of them in this time that they might
be offended had I not given them a gift.  But I do share with them and have
shared with them my feelings on pagan practices and that if they are a
followers of Christ that they may be in for harsh judgment from Him for
pagan practices.

In that way I have warned them that the enemy is in their camp and based on
Biblical requirements that I must do.  After that obligation is met, the
choice is theirs.  I can share the scripture on why this is unbiblical and
offer my scholarly correction and pray for them.  Beyond that there is no
thing I can do.

I pray that we all will come to the truth that Yah Vah God wants us to follow.
Perhaps that is what the prophet is writing about when he speaks of the time to
come of Messiah's rule on earth and says, "Those who knew will teach those who
did not know".