Podariffic is a member of the Congregation Yahshua Messiah Gathering under a charter of the UCCMA as a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization. Our charity donations go to outreach efforts and community action through donations to this world wide media ministry.

FAITH RADIO is the audio broadcast of this ministry with affiliated AM and FM Radio stations and internet RSS and podcast feeds to the world with downloads over the last year to countries such as Australia, Kenya, Philippines, China, Russia, Ukraine, and South America as well as other Asian and European countries. With over 600,000 downloads and a listening audience of over 20 million in the USA, our goal is to help them reach the lost people of the world by providing Biblical based charity resources for CYMG UCCMA.

You can donate along with us to this charity by visiting and click on the donate text at the top or click the button below to donate your credit card miles or by credit card through Capital One and the Network For Good. The charity is verified by Guidestar as a legal tax exempt charity with IRS reporting through the UCCMA.

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