Morning Show with Dr Dan and Jay Scher – Darren Marlar


Hebrew Nation Morning Show

Dr Dan and Jay interview Darren Marlar about his project with Stephen Baldwin a new TV Sitcom “Rock And A Hard Place” and the kickstater fund raiser to help get the pilot made for Network TV.


Stephen Baldwin, Darren Marlar, Bryan Duncan, John Schlitt of Petra, Lindee Link,
Braxton Cosby (Bill’s Grandson) , Berdella Endress, Dan McGowan,
Berkeley Clayborne, Chalet Lzette Brannan, Renee Domenz and
Eddie Steeples! This is the Congregations coming together to show
the Love of Christ in the first of it’s kind TV show like none before!
Director and Producer Keith Romine, Executive Producer Lisa
Weyerhauser have teamed up to make a pilot sitcom
“Rock And A Hard Place” as a Faith Based Bible friendly show.

“Never before has the body of Christ come together in such a way,
with the varied backgrounds from Christian, Messianic, and Urban
congregations, to make such a TV show that will appeal to all audiences
in this revolutionary inclusive production”…. Dan Merrick, Faith Radio.

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Captain Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Biblical Linguistics and Iconology and has been studying and teaching the Bible for over 50 years now. Dan has appeared on Cornerstone Christian TV and on 'I'm Just Sayin' on TCT TV network where as well as weekly Shabbat teachings on Dan has written extensive apologetic books on the Messianic Jewish Faith and has contended for the Hebrew faith of Yahshua with such noted theological proponents as Bob Anderson. Daniel's Hebrew name is Daniyah. Dan published a collection of songs in 1993 that had a #33 on the CCM countdown with Bob Sour as well. Author of several books on History, Money, and other subjects, Dan did a translation of the Bible which you can get at or through links at his ministry web site. Dan also has a Messianic and Hebrew roots social network at FAITH RADIO NOW SYNDICATED ON WRBG 107.9 FM in Millsboro Delaware and on YAH'S TRUTH RADIO WYHW FM that airs also on 1700 AM Smethport PA. Daniyah (His Hebrew Name is a Levite of Merari found in Torah Scriptures and has DNA and Genealogical proof of his Jewish roots. Dan contends with the false doctrines of evil infiltration of those who server false elohim(s) and Idols to carry out his mission from Yahuah Almighty to seek out and save the lost before the end comes and the door is shut. Worship in Spirit and Truth John 4:23 for the Bride of Messiah is getting dressed in the righteousness as Revelation has foretold in prophesy, and those that worship MUST worship in SPIRIT AND TRUTH, not in the lies of denominations and doctrines of men Mark 7:7
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