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Lev_10:1  And NadabH5070 and Abihu,H30 the sonsH1121 of Aaron,H175 tookH3947 eitherH376 of them his censer,H4289 and putH5414 fireH784 therein,H2004 and putH7760 incenseH7004 thereon,H5921 and offeredH7126 strangeH2114 fireH784 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 whichH834 he commandedH6680 them not.H3808
Lev 10:2  And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.

Num_3:4  And NadabH5070 and AbihuH30 diedH4191 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 when they offeredH7126 strangeH2114 fireH784 beforeH6440 the LORD,H3068 in the wildernessH4057 of Sinai,H5514 and they hadH1961 noH3808 children:H1121 and EleazarH499 and IthamarH385 ministered in the priest’s officeH3547 inH5921 the sightH6440 of AaronH175 their father.H1

Num_26:61  And NadabH5070 and AbihuH30 died,H4191 when they offeredH7126 strangeH2114 fireH784 beforeH6440 the LORD.H3068

Jud_1:7  Even asG5613 SodomG4670 andG2532 Gomorrha,G1116 andG2532 theG3588 citiesG4172 aboutG4012 themG846 in like manner,G3664 G5158 giving themselves over to fornication,G1608 andG2532 goingG565 afterG3694 strangeG2087 flesh,G4561 are set forthG4295 for an example,G1164 sufferingG5254 the vengeanceG1349 of eternalG166 fire.G4442

Rev_9:21  NeitherG2532 G3756 repentedG3340 they ofG1537 theirG848 murders,G5408 norG3777 ofG1537 theirG848 sorceries,G5331 norG3777 ofG1537 theirG848 fornication,G4202 norG3777 ofG1537 theirG848 thefts.G2809

From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft.

Rev_16:9  AndG2532 menG444 were scorchedG2739 with greatG3173 heat,G2738 andG2532 blasphemedG987 theG3588 nameG3686 of God,G2316 which hathG2192 powerG1849 overG1909 theseG5025 plagues:G4127 andG2532 they repentedG3340 notG3756 to giveG1325 himG846 glory.G1391
Rev_16:11  AndG2532 blasphemedG987 theG3588 GodG2316 of heavenG3772 because ofG1537 theirG848 painsG4192 andG2532 (G1537) theirG848 sores,G1668 andG2532 repentedG3340 notG3756 ofG1537 theirG848 deeds.G2041

From φάρμακον pharmakon (a drug, that is, spell giving potion); a druggist (“pharmacist”) or poisoner, that is, (by extension) a magician: – sorcerer.

JFB Revelation 9:21
sorceries — witchcrafts by means of drugs (so the Greek). One of the fruits of the unrenewed flesh: the sin of the heathen: about to be repeated by apostate Christians in the last days

Used in the Septuagint of the Egyptian sorceries (Exo_7:22. Of Babylon, Isa_47:9, Isa_47:12). From φάρμακον a drug, and thence a poison, an enchantment. Plato says: “There are two kinds of poisons used among men which cannot clearly be distinguished. There is one kind of poison which injures bodies by the use of other bodies according to a natural law… but there is another kind which injures by sorceries and incantations and magic bonds, as they are termed, and induces one class of men to injure another as far as they can, and persuades others that they, above all persons, are liable to be injured by the powers of the magicians. Now it is not easy to know the nature of all these things; nor if a man do know can he readily persuade others of his belief. And when men are disturbed at the sight of waxen images, fixed either at the doors, or in a place where three ways meet, or in the sepulchers of parents, there is no use of trying to persuade them that they should despise all such things, because they have no certain knowledge about them. But we must have a law in two parts concerning poisoning, in whichever of the two ways the attempt is made; and we must entreat and exhort and advise men not to have recourse to such practices, by which they scare the multitude out of their wits, as if they were children, compelling the legislator and the judge to heal the fears which the sorcerer arouses,

Rev 18:23  AndG2532 the lightG5457 of a candleG3088 shall shineG5316 no more at allG2089 G3364 inG1722 thee;G4671 andG2532 the voiceG5456 of the bridegroomG3566 andG2532 of the brideG3565 shall be heardG191 no more at allG2089 G3364 inG1722 thee:G4671 forG3754 thyG4675 merchantsG1713 wereG2258 theG3588 great menG3175 of theG3588 earth;G1093 forG3754 byG1722 thyG4675 sorceriesG5331 were allG3956 nationsG1484 deceived.G4105

Rev 21:7  He that overcomethG3528 shall inheritG2816 all things;G3956 andG2532 I will beG2071 hisG848 God,G2316 andG2532 heG846 shall beG2071 myG3427 son.G5207
Rev 21:8  ButG1161 the fearful,G1169 andG2532 unbelieving,G571 andG2532 the abominable,G948 andG2532 murderers,G5406 andG2532 whoremongers,G4205 andG2532 sorcerers,G5332 andG2532 idolaters,G1496 andG2532 allG3956 liars,G5571 shall have theirG848 partG3313 inG1722 theG3588 lakeG3041 which burnethG2545 with fireG4442 andG2532 brimstone:G2303 which isG3603 the secondG1208 death.G2288

Rev 22:14  BlessedG3107 are they that doG4160 hisG848 commandments,G1785 thatG2443 theyG846 may haveG2071 rightG1849 toG1909 theG3588 treeG3586 of life,G2222 andG2532 may enter inG1525 through theG3588 gatesG4440 intoG1519 theG3588 city.G4172
Rev 22:15  ForG1161 withoutG1854 are dogs,G2965 andG2532 sorcerers,G5333 andG2532 whoremongers,G4205 andG2532 murderers,G5406 andG2532 idolaters,G1496 andG2532 whosoeverG3956 lovethG5368 andG2532 makethG4160 a lie.G5579

From H6999; a fumigation: – (sweet) incense, perfume.

A primitive root (rather identical with H7000 through the idea of fumigation in a close place and perhaps thus driving out the occupants); to smoke, that is, turn into fragrance by fire (especially as an act of worship): – burn (incense, sacrifice) (upon), (altar for) incense, kindle, offer (incense, a sacrifice).

The use of smoked or inhaled drugs is a long history which predates the time of Messiah. Snuff and using the nose or lungs to ingest drugs dates back to Egypt when according to Davis, the Tabbacco and Coca leaf were used for all sorts of religious rites and embalmbing.

The practice of going into caves, many of which had poisonous gases to see visions or devine thing, along with the enchantments of words, arts of persuasive or minipulative influence by drugs and what became known as spells, or witchcraft by peer pressure from the unrgenerated.

Even today prostitutes are seduced at a young age by getting them into drugs, or getting hooked on Heroin, as a means to use for profit the body of the person under entrapping influences of propaganda and persuasion.

For this reason Whoremongers is used in reference to some of these sins in particular. This is tied to Idols, false worship, and even all manor of sinful evil which comes from those who seek power by controlling others for ill gotten gain.

You think that this is just another part of the general ills of a society gone wrong, but it is in fact a contrived plan of the Papal, World authorities, and New World Order plans with the United Nations and the souls who have been sold to Satan for Power and Status.

They know in governments how to catch these drug pushers, warlocks, witches and merchants of flesh, but choose not to so they can enjoy the lusts of the flesh. Their pleasure is short lived, and soon the real power of Satan behind it all will be revealed and the plan exposed on how they will pull their slight of hand tricks.

While the masses of “worthless eaters” to put it in the words of the Royals who sit atop the Illuminati, are drugged into a state of compliance, they will execute their plan to seize world power and domination, with the whole hearted goal of allowing AntiMessiah to come into power to demand that the almighty should step down from His thrown, but that will not happen.

They like Satan himself are decieved into a false idea of supreme freedom without consequences or responsibility for ones actions. Satan has tricked them into thinking there is no judgment day, and that somehow their brand of Christian worship gives them the license to sin without answering for the folly of their youth.

I was myself at one time deceived into this trick of the magic show of the world. Thinking that only the Jews must keep the commandments, then coming to find that even the Religion of the Jews in modern from is nothing more than another magic show where the law of YHWH is overruled by the Rabbis like the Pope in Rome claims is his right.

It all started in Babylon, with drugs, idols to symbolize the sun gods, and the worship of sex it self in Ishtar, fertility rites, and other symbols of the creation like stars, planets, and the tricks of illusions.

Even Muhammed was taken to a cave by his monk handlers to try to get him to see visions of which he grasped onto, not knowing he was victim to drugs by way of gases from the earth that were in the cave.

Recently on the Learning channel such events of Idol worship and witchcraft practices were revealed in the common seeking of early man to find caves where they could see illusive visions told to come from Idols by the way of gaseous caves filled with methane or other dangerous emissions from the earth.

A light-headed way to see things which are not there, and by the trick of the event, claim great insight into what is to come, or what is planned out by those who hold the puppet strings of religion and rule over the people.

Messiah warned us of this doctrine of the Nicolatanes which he said he hates. Rev 2:6 & 15 say that this rule over man by Government-religions is the root of false worship.

We must guard ourselves against such tricks of Satan to use any mind altering chemical or drug to claim any form of insight into any knowledge or visions…. This is witchcraft by drugs. In fact, Drug as it is marketed to the people all over the world is a form of slavery that these elitists use to control others, trick them into passive behavior, and into becoming an inmate in their prisons, both physical and mental.

Thus we see the Bible saying “they repented not of the drug mixing with the tricks of persuasion or sorceries.”

We find similar false teachings in the doctrines of devils and demonic influences that are taught every sunday morning in the sex worship by sun-god cults that push such new age books like the secret, and they attempt to claim so special rights to project their desires and lusts into the universe and get back material gain by doing such enchantments of witchcraft.

Their is the seductions of the mind as well in the gospel of free enterprise to gain money and amass wealth for self pleasure rather than the gain of the kingdom and giving to see the lost saved or to get Bibles into the hands of those who have not read it.

This is a war we are in, not some argument about ideas here. Politics comes from the Greek meaning Poly meaning many and tics meaning blood sucking disease infested vermin insects. You can be tricked into thinking that the Political governments are really trying to do something to change things for the better, but those who pull the strings, are the dope smoking reprobate apostates from the church of hell that was at the rock concerts of the 1960s now when Satan worship became the popular norm of the attendees of the new age Christianity at KISS concerts and with other groups that sang songs about 666 and the “trick of the tale” while these same pretenders were raised up in the cult of the Masonic orders of the DEMOLAY, and EASTERN STARS, and the RAINBOW GIRLS who recruited the young christian boys and girls to become their willing decieved into the cults of homosexual and unnatural idol worship doing every abomination in the demon possessed groups pretending to be good charities of society.

Why do you think there are so many law suits against the practices of the Roman cults of Christianity hitting the news today? That is also part of their plan, to remove the masks of deception that they played like a special effects crew in a Hollywood movie, now revealing the clear aim of their long standing goal to openly worship Satan and trick the world into believing that this is the faith or the Bible.

Masons are required to believe in God, yet even Satan is called the GOD OF THIS WORLD in the BIBLE, so which God are they worshiping? On the walls of the local Masonic NWO Illuminati cult center is the words THE ENCHANTED LANTERNS with the names of the faithful cult worshipers in wooden plaques there. Many good Catholics, Jews, and Christians, EVEN MUSLIMS reside in the chairs on their coven meetings where the drug dealers and the police join as one to honor Satan.

The real conspiracy here is not just that these things have been hidden from ages past, but that they knew this, and yet once revealed to their darkened mind, for gain and power they just went along with this evil.

So when someone asks me now if I am a Christian, I must say NO! I am not a Masonic DEMON POSSESSED LAY of the rites of idol worship that we find in the streets, with gangs, with cops, with even the leaders of this fallen world, who give worship and homage to Satan in millions of different ways each day. NO ME!

As Yahsua the son of Nun said, AS for me and my house, I shall serve YHWH!

I have escaped this Babylon, where Police and Drug dealers smoke the Demon possession weed together in the church of illusions. I offer no more any strange fire by the way of any drug that causes demons to fly in and out of the dead souls of the unsaved who have no clue as to where they are going when they die.

The powerful get rich in this world by selling people, influence, and status by a hand shake and a wink having seen the same buds from sunday in the Masonic hall, or at the rock concert worshiping Satan.

American Idol and other shows Herold the newest talent who all claim that the thank “GEEODD” for their success by chance in the flesh market of lust by TV image. Only very few are still innocent of the knowledge of their sins upon sins.

We see these so called TV shows on every subject projected by ignorance on parade claiming authority to cast out demons, and teach the REAL TRUTH, yet they never discern the Real meaning of the Bible by KEEPING HIS COMMANDMENTS.

How many of your sun-god-day worship teachers read to you Rev 22:14 ? Not a one for day after day and the ones getting 70 million a year in donations are these same roman collar wearing snake oil salesman who would not know the truth if it dropped out of heaven on their stage and bit them in the nose.

My Bible says that in these last days, the love of many will grow cold, because of WICKEDNESS ABOUNDING. That means everywhere we turn we see WICKEDNESS being done rather than the right thing.  Well that is my experience over that last few weeks, seeing these Drug dealers and witches conspiring together with so called leaders who are going to get elected and some how make everything good again.

These same self appointed saviours of our society all the time wearing magic underwear right out of the play book of Satanic demon possessed cults that came by way of Masonic witchcraft.
The Mormon cult was born out of Tricks, Lies, and Masonic rites of the York Warlock cult and it’s founder was a liar and criminal who teaches another gospel.

Gal_1:6  I marvelG2296 thatG3754 ye are soG3779 soonG5030 removedG3346 fromG575 him that calledG2564 youG5209 intoG1722 the graceG5485 of ChristG5547 untoG1519 anotherG2087 gospel:G2098
Gal_1:7  WhichG3739 isG2076 notG3756 another;G243 butG1508 there beG1526 someG5100 that troubleG5015 you,G5209 andG2532 wouldG2309 pervertG3344 theG3588 gospelG2098 of Christ.G5547
Gal_1:8  ButG235 thoughG2532 G1437 we,G2249 orG2228 an angelG32 fromG1537 heaven,G3772 preach any other gospelG2097 unto youG5213 thanG3844 thatG3739 which we have preachedG2097 unto you,G5213 let him beG2077 accursed.G331
Gal_1:9  AsG5613 we said before,G4280 soG2532 sayG3004 I nowG737 again,G3825 If anyG1536 man preach any other gospelG2097 unto youG5209 thanG3844 thatG3739 ye have received,G3880 let him beG2077 accursed.G331

So do not get tricked into offering Strange fire of Drugs and delusions of the minds of sick and perverted leaders who go to secret meetings to worship giant owls and demon Idols of every form of abomination which YHWH and Messiah has warned us to not do.

All drugs that are not for a valid cure of illness is a form of drunkeness which we are warned in scripture to avoid. “Be not DRUNK with wine, BUT BE FILLED WITH THE ROUACH”

If you are ” to smoke, that is, turn into fragrance by fire” H6999 and such is done for the effect of mind altering drunkeness, then you are in sin, and offering STRANGE FIRE by way of Canabus or wacky tobbacky. That is evil and it is at your hand to do such by the Pharaoh slave master who wants you sleeping while he and his Illuminati friends take over and steal every rights and purpose the Real Creator of the Universe has for you, your life, and his eternal plan for salvation.

The first commandment is of most importance here, and in truth, if you can in truth keep it, you can do all the rest without any trouble, WORSHIP YHWH ALONE, THERE IS NO OTHER TO WORSHIP, not in pleasure in drugs, drink, or idols, alive in person or on TV or in the Movies, or even on a stage trying to win your vote.

There are only two types of people in this world, the saved and set apart sanctified truth lovers who have called on the name of Yah for salvation, and those who have not been saved. It matters not if they are in church on the seat next to you or in power in government or a drug dealer on the street or a politician who is preaching another gospel of worship of him and his ideas to solve the problems of society.

Prophesy is in motion always, and we can not stop it no matter how hard we try.

The only way to overcome this world is to be in it, but not OF IT! Do not play their game, drop out and stop using their drugs and strong drink. Stop keeping Easter their fertility godess day and allowing your children to be indoctrinated into the cult of lust. Demons are attached to that worship and all sorts of subduction tools of Satan are painted into pictures, movies, TV shows, and Idols that represent sex acts and in some cases are even used to bewitch others into doing all manor of evil.

The only way to be saved, is to CALL ON THE NAME OF OUR MESSIAH YAHUSHUA. All other ways are trying to enter by the wrong gate, hop through a window, or pull some trick to get worship for men rather than giving worship to the one and only YHWH where it belongs forever.

Act 4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Rom 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Master Yahushua, and shalt believe in thine heart that YahuWah hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Rom 10:10  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
Rom 10:11  For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

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