FAITH RADIO – Icons and Idols

Dr. Dan talks about Icons and Idols and why we should remove all religious symbols from our worship of YHWH.

This idea brings us to the use of a cross or six pointed star to worship or hold dear. So you may have heard the disassociated arguments for the symbols, but did you reason out by scripture and research what YHWH desires from us in worship? John 4 says in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. So if I hear someone saying that some idol or icon, symbol or mark is OK to use, I ask, why did YHWH fight against every such thing that the heathens did and used in worship of their gods and why did he send prophets to call on Israel to repent of these things? As with the cross, it is in high doubt that any adoring or worship and songs about it are called into question by those who are under strong delusions to hold to the old ways of religion and the doctrine of men. A closer look at the reasoning that men have may help you to see things as i have.

The one and only picture painted on the walls of a cave
that depicts the death of Messiah predating the 300 AD
Roman Tammuz Cross doctrine shows Messiah nailed to
an actual tree with his hands nailed separately and his
legs nailed separately also.  Biblical Archeology Review
has the only evidence of actual heal bones with nails in
them from the time of Messiah showing the nail going
in through the ankle at the only place where it can pass
through the nerve, the most painful place to nail into the
heal, from the side, not on the metatarsal face of the foot.
4 nails, one each wrist, one each heal, like the four letters
of YHWH in Paleo Hebrew. Those who hold to the Catholic
doctrine are deceived into the strong delusion that the Tammuz
is how he died, even the word used by Josephus shows
that it was a tree or stake, not a cross.  Crosses did not
appear until about 325AD when Helen the mother of
Constantine shows up in Jerusalem finding
crosses on all the Holy sites of the Jews.  Yet Josephus
accounts that the Romans, after the two years of Masada,
were so angered by finding the Jews dead at the top, by
Caesar’s papal decree placed the symbols of the false god
Tammuz on every holy site of the Jews. Thus Helen was
bound to find the T shape everywhere. Those who try to
correlate the ideas of icons, letters, and structures into
some unrelated verification of the Catholic Roman cross,
need only look at the 5 types of this pagan symbol, with
3 cross beams, 2, and with 1 in the form of the T or the
X type T shape, Russian Orthodox to Catholic, with the
idol image of a man on it, and you can see that the error
runs deep.

In my studies of Iconology we have found that the super-
imposed six pointed star, along with the Tammuz is a
direct match with the Russian Orthodox Cross with
three beams, one slanted. The Pyramid shapes were
depicted in Egypt, taken from Babylon, which represented
the god of the dead, Moloch, and the sun-god Chuin
which in Acts Chapter 7 is also called Remphan, a Greek
variation of Rah. Amos Chapter 5 talks of how YHWH
condemned this worship of the Star god, and Stephen
angers the Jews in preaching against it in Acts chapter
7. In Ezekiel Chapter 8  Tammuz, a Phoenician deity,
is also condemned and the weeping for Tammuz and
sun worship are exposed together by the prophet.
The T shape is transported by the mystic Talmudic
practice from Babylon, to the east as the Toa and
around the world is found along with the star in
ancient world religions. In Revelation Babylon
Mystery Religion is called the Mother of all Harlots.
This symbology, icons, idols, along with the solar
wheel, star of Ishtar, even the stain glassed windows
found in Catholic and Protestant churches in the front
of sun-god worship buildings, and even found in some
Jewish buildings, as a flower like shape which is the
fertility goddess symbol of Ishtar or Easter.

Some have suggested that the letters of the Paleo
Hebrew being the Alef and the Tov proves the cross
is how the saviour died. Yet this connection is faulty
reasoning. The A or Alef of the Hebrew Alphabet was
first used to count the heads of bulls by the Semite
people. This fact was documented in the studies
of ancient language and has even been featured
on the Discovery Channel and the Naked Archeologist.
So if I accept this reasoning, then when Israel made a
golden bull,  and worshiped it, then that should be
reasoning to have a golden bull in the sanctuary
and tie some significant worship to it. BUT IT DOES
NOT. All those who worshiped this golden bull, cow,
or idol were condemned by YHWH and the earth
opened and they died for their sin. That is what the
Torah says happened.

In like manor, those who claim the Tov is proof
of the T shape idol of adoring Catholics and site
Roman usage of the symbol to kill people, are
using faulty reasoning. You can not say that the
letter “O” is validation of the circle shape of the halo
and therefore the Eucharist is the body of Messiah
and the Halo sun god symbol therefore is OK with

Cross-relations of the alphabets to the idea
that Messiah died on a T shape is like  saying that every
Mexican named Jesus is the Messiah because he has
the same name that everyone in Christianity
claims in error is Messiah’s name.
It is faulty reasoning to say just because a symbol
is found in other patterns in nature or in alphabets
that it somehow validates that symbol or Idol when
we have scripture that warns us not to worship in
the same way the heathens do, and even Israel is
judged by YHWH and called out by the Prophets
who call these things “greater abominations”

In Ezekiel Chapter 9 we see the command to mark
all those who sigh for the iniquity done in Israel.
The letters there are written Tov Hey with the strong’s
giving H8420 as the Hebrew word meaning
“a signature” taken from H8427 which is an imprint
or to imprint a signature which is a name, not just a
letter. In verse 6 Ezekiel is told to start at the sanctuary
then to go throughout all Israel and slay all those
who are worshiping idols. Verse 9 says that Judah
has “exceeding great iniquity” or lawlessness.

Again in Revelation we see Jerusalem called spiritually
Sodom and Egypt. I have been to Israel and walked in
the streets of Jerusalem, there I have found the T shapes
and the Solar wheels, star of astaria, ishtar, and every
pagan symbol that the Jews let stand even after taking
the city in 1967. Now they have agreements with the Pope
and the Vatican country to keep the Noahide Laws.
There are those who say they are YAHUDAH but are not.

Then we see a witness of the tribes of Israel who change
in name, just like Jacob, and become IsraYAH when
The NAME is written on the FOREHEAD of the tribes in
the end, and the NAME was written on Messiah at his
death on a starous, not on a Tammuz.

To say the T shape is written on the forehead is to
say that the name is being blotted out for another.

I disagree with all those teachers who just blindly accept
that the Catholic Church is telling the truth about the Cross,
besides, they have lied about everything else, why
should I pick this fruit and think it is not rotten too?

Even the words in the Bible are Starous, which means
STAKE and Xylon Which Means Tree, Stake, trunk,
and no where is the T shape talked about in the
Bible except in the OT where it is condemned by
YHWH as an abomination, those weeping for

A stake or Tree trunk makes sense for as is pointed
out in the scripture account, they went to look
to see if the two thieves were dead, who were
hung beside Messiah, and broke their legs.
But when they came to Messiah, he was dead.
If they were nailed to a tree on a Starous upright,
The Tree would be one stick and the Starous would
be the second stick added. No cross beam.
And 3 being nailed on each side of the tree would
require that the soldiers would have to go to each
side to check to see if they were dead.

Biblical Archaeology review has an online
picture of a heal bone with a nail from execution
on the web site. This is the only crucifixion
evidence in all of Israel that was found. It shows
the nail driven into the heal at the ankle from the
side through the nerve area. The only place to nail
that would separate the bones without breaking them.

This archeology proves that the feet were
never nailed from the top of the foot, always at
the side through the heal, like it says in Genesis
“You shall Crush his head, and he shall bruise
you heal”.

The Christians love to argue this with
the idea of the nails being only two in the pictures
that come from 1600AD that Jehovah Witnesses
use to portray it, but ignore the fact that if
His arms were extended up, that he would have both
wrists nailed separately.

Further more, If Messiah
was hung on a Tammuz, then by Jewish Law would
that not defile the sacrifice? And if he was already
dead, then how did he die so fast? Only if you nailed
through the wrists could the blood drain out so fast,
and by putting His arms over his head, infection would
spread through the body so that when His side was
punctured with the spear, the water and the blood would
flow out from infection.

Then we have the account in Greek that their were nail
holes in his hands. Yet the word for “hand” in Greek is
the same for “arm”. So anything from the tip of the fingers
to the top of the arm at the shoulder would be the same
as saying right hand. When we get to the mark of the beast
in Rev. 13, it says in Greek to EPEE in the right hand or
arm. This is the same as the word MARK in Ezekiel
and it is called a number in Revelation. So am I to assume
that the letter TOV will be used or a imprinting into or cutting
into the skin to have the number of a man to buy and sell.
The reasoning from the ANKH of Egypt which upside down
is 3 superimposed SIXES or 666 equaling a 18 digit
number would make more sense to me. In other words
some sort of account number that identifies that man.

Satan has worked hard to cover up the historical facts,
steal worship of the name of YHWH alone for idols, and
to confuse the issues by killing, and by control of the
masses of the people, through organized religion,
Babylon Mystery Religion, to get men to love this
cross and change the meaning of the words so as
to bring about false names and doctrines.

Further more, the Two house doctrine does not
anywhere in scripture say that we are somehow
required to depict the death and sacrifice of
Messiah by two sticks coming together.

The Two sticks coming together are a prophetic
typology of the houses of Israel and Judah
along with Ephraim and the Gentiles called by
HIS NAME. This is a call of Unity into one new
man, one bride, one faith, one Husband in
Messiah, and more of a representation of the
two comings of Messiah rather than the adoration
of any cross, stake, tree, or symbol of death.

Everything points away from a cross to me,
and even if it was, I would not bow down to it,
sing songs about it, or worship it like the Christians do.
HE is who I worship and thank, YHWH alone, and
Messiah is YHWH in the Flesh.

So if YHWH can touch no unclean thing,
and only suffered his flesh to take on the punishment
of sin for mankind who would worship in Spirit and
in truth, why would you want to go again to the
icons and idols of Babylon that you just left to find
meaning in some abstract association of faulty

In short, the T or any six pointed star in any form
appearing in letters of any alphabet, or in the
shapes of nature, are not proof of any spiritual
significant relationship in any event in history or
in the plan of YHWH for salvation. In Fact,
the exact opposite is true as found in scripture.
We see every symbol and attempt of man to
make doctrine by the shapes of idols and the
ideas or doctrine of men called an abomination
in the eyes of YHWH.

Mark 7:7 In vain you worship me teaching for
doctrine the commandments of men.

No where are we commanded to take on
any idol, symbol, or mark but the NAME
of YHWH and Messiah Yahushua.
Salvation is by calling on the NAME and
judgement is from the BOOKS of LIFE
which records when you CALL ON THE

To negate this for a T-shpe cross is
to do the work of Satan, distract
the important fact of the NAME

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