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Captain Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Biblical Linguistics and Iconology and has been studying and teaching the Bible of over 45 years now. Dan has appeared on Cornerstone Christian TV and on ‘I’m Just Sayin’ on TCT TV network where as well as weekly Shabbat teachings on www.YahsWayTV.org. Dan has written extensive apologetic books on the Messianic Jewish Faith and has contended for the Hebrew faith of Yahshua with such noted theological proponents as Bob Anderson. Daniel’s Hebrew name is Daniyah. Dan published a collection of songs in 1993 that had a #33 on the CCM countdown with Bob Sour as well. Author of several books on History, Money, and other subjects, Dan did a translation of the Bible which you can get at www.YahBible.com or through links at www.ThinkYah.org his ministry web site. Dan also has a Messianic and Hebrew roots social network at www.YahsSpace.org FAITH RADIO NOW SYNDICATED ON WRBG 107.9 FM in Millsboro Delaware and on WYHW FM and other affiliates world wide.  Author and creator of Podariffic.com and syndicated on several internet feeds, Dan appears on FAITH RADIO each week with rebroadcast on syndicated stations around the world and on the web.
Below is a small sample of the over 50 awards and letters of commendation that Pastor Dan has received in Education, Service, and Training from both sides of the desk.

Dan is a member of the ROA (Reserve officers Association) AUSA (Association of the United States Army; DAV; Bucktails Legion where he is a legacy and third family member to mustang since Major George Merrick in the Civil War; MOAA (Military officers Association of America; SAR; President of the Merrick Foundation Org Family History; the Mayflower Merrick line through Governor Bradford and William Merrick; And the head of the Family Seat for the Merrick Royal Family Line from the Middle Kingdom of Powys which line heralds 58 Kings of the Walsh and British Crowns. This line is from the House of Yahudah and Levi and verified DNA with the first US settler being the name sake of Daniel Merrick and the line of Israel and Cpt. John Merrick’s Rangers who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Dan Merrick was born in 1958 in Cleveland Ohio. Not long after birth, Daniel was injured which resulted in his not being able to speak until the age of 5. He attended Longfellow Elementary School on the east side.

Dan’s Mom was a famous LOWES girl in the 1940’s and worked for Mildred and Fusmith advertising as an artist and model. She was born in Indiana Pennsylvania and went to school with the famous Jimmy Stewart. So Dan grew up at many meet and greets with some of the greatest stars of the silver screen era gone by. Dan’s Mom affectionately know to her Hollywood friends as ‘Lolly’, past away in 1998.

Danny attended Collinwood High School where he was in the Top 20 singers and a member of a band at church entitled the ‘Teen Revivers’. The group opened for many famous gospel music groups such as the Singing Rambo’s and sang at several evangelistic meetings and church events. Dan taught himself the Guitar and later learned how to play the piano. He worked with Ralph Delany at the Collinwood Arts Center and developed a summer music project to help inner-city kids to form groups to perform across the city.

While in high school, Dan attended London Bible College and completed his degree in Bible Missions in 1976. Dan graduated from high school a year earlier in 1975 having completed his diploma in 3 years instead of the usual 4.  Dan was always a dreamer and became well known as an impressionist and voice talent. In 1977 Dan graduated from the Nashville School Of Broadcast Technique which was then known as the Ohio School Of Broadcast Technique. Dan completed the Broadcast Announcing and Production course and received his FCC 3rd Class Broadcast endorsed license.

Dan worked with several local radio stations and held a few different jobs before joining the US Army in 1979. While in the Army Dan completed his basic training at Fort Dix in New Jersey and moved on to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for advanced training. There Dan received Solider of the month and graduated at the top of his class. After a tour in Germany and traveling around Europe, Dan went on to Join the Ohio National Guard and get his Bachelor degree in Psychology. Dan was commissioned an officer in 1982 and went to Fort Knox for training. While at Fort Knox Kentucky Dan attended the University of Louisville, Kentucky University, and several other special training schools. Dan got his Masters Degree in Vocational Education while in Kentucky. In 1990 Dan was ordained a minister.

After Desert Storm, Dan went into recovery for injuries he had while in the service and to spite Doctors belief to the contrary, Dan  was able to walk again. During rehabilitation, Dan got his PhD in Biblical Linguistics. 1992, Dan’s injuries were causing him a great deal of pain and he was forced into the welfare system waiting for military benefits. After struggling for almost a decade, Dan and his wife Olga started RDJ Catalog, Inc. as a direct sales business. Dan got the idea from his Dad’s sales jobs on the side since Dan was a little boy. Robert Merrick past away in 2000 and Dan took his company to great heights doing motivational teaching, consulting, and selling.

Dan started the company with only $583.00 in Social Security benefits and $10.00 in food stamps. Today RDJ Catalog, Inc. had grown to a 7.5 million dollar gross worth company. As the CEO, Dan still continues to work as a media consultant with expert appearances on Lifetime Network as a successful investor and on Radio and TV. Dan has also appeared at several corporate events as a key note motivational speaker. Dan’s Book ‘Instructions To Money: From Welfare To Millionaire’ published on Outskirts Press has been rated 5 stars by Midwest Book Reviews and on Amazon.Com Dan is also an ASCAP licensed music publisher and song writer. In 2006 Dan’s Radio show was syndicated on CRN & NRN entitled ‘Instructions To Money’ after his book. As a HR consultant, Dan was #1 in sales as a trainer with ABE, S&F, CT Engineering, and HMI, all Fortune 500 companies.



Dan has received the Ronald Regan Business Achievement Metal from the US Congress and served on the President’s Council on Small Business. Dan’s motivational speeches and provocative inspirational stories seem to bring a new light on the business and economic environment that has created a demand for his insights into unique prospective on modern corporate Americana. His sales and motivational presentations have riveted and entertained audiences with profound relevance of achievement science. Dan also is a media news technical advisor on military affairs and operations. As the President of RDJ Catalog, Inc. Dan inspires others as a consultant on business, investment, real estate, motivation, sales, and achievement. Dan is now writing his next book Entitled ‘Knockin Doors’ which is a biographical fiction. Dan can be heard on the Radio on WRBG 99.5 FM in Millsboro Del.  Dan’s show “Faith Radio” is also rebroadcast on WYHW FM at www.WYHWFM.com  Dan is also seen on TV at www.YahsWayTV.org

Dan works full time in Ministry and part time helping his wife run their businesses.

Dr. Merrick holds an FCC Broadcasters License shown below:

United Christian Church & Ministerial Association; Cleveland, TN – C.Y.M.G. U.C.C.M.A. 501 (c) (3) Charity Documentation:

Ordination & Ministry License – Subordinate Organization Charter:


Mission Fish Nonprofit ID # 17251 Filed GuideStar 09/2010

Registered in McKean County, Keating Township, Pennsylvania 16749 USA License & Charter Valid Until: Canceled Certified 09/23/2010.Previous Certification 1993 Transferred.



        Friday, September 29, 2006 Jamestown, New York


Author To Sign Books At Chautauqua Mall Saturday


9/29/2006 – LAKEWOOD — Daniel Merrick is worth more than $1 million now, but not long ago he was on welfare and needed food stamps to feed his family.

Through real estate sales and non-traditional business ventures such as selling collectible gems from the wholesale market, Merrick built his net worth slowly over several years and is now sharing his story in ‘‘How To’’ form.

Author of the book Instructions To Make Money: From Welfare To Millionaire, Merrick will be at Waldenbooks in the Chautauqua             Mall from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

‘‘I don’t see any reason why we can’t all be rich,’’ Merrick said about sharing the methods of his success. ‘‘My book is about empowering the poor. The point is to teach them and mentor them, and that includes the working poor as well as people on welfare.’’

Though a guide on how to get rich, Merrick said his book is less about becoming as known as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates and more about living comfortably. By building wealth gradually, Merrick said that eventually anyone can move out of poorer neighborhoods and into more affluent cities.

‘‘I’m talking about just being able to afford a house, being middle class with a million dollars or more in net worth,’’ Merrick said. ‘‘Average housing costs are going up to $300,000 and $500,000 in Florida, New York and California. By the time you try to own your own house and you look at what it costs, you’re going to see you have to pay a half a million dollar mortgage and that’s a lot of money.’’

An advocate of the mentoring method, Merrick said the secret of his success lies simply in emulating what other successful people have done. In his book, Merrick explains that part of the key to building wealth is watching rich people, learning what they do and duplicating their methods.

‘‘I call them the ‘Instructions To Money’ as sort of a tongue-in-cheek thing. The mint prints the dollars and then they don’t give us any instructions how to build dollars,’’ Merrick said. ‘‘At least when you go down to Home Depot, they’ll give you some instructions how to use the stuff. I really believe that if people can be empowered for their individual interest, they will be able to build a net worth of over a million dollars through the mentoring process.

‘‘America is such a great land of opportunity. We have freedoms. Anyone can go out and speak their mind on either side of an issue without having to worry about somebody harming them because they feel that way,’’ Merrick continuing. ‘‘With mentoring, you can duplicate exactly what someone did to become rich using your own particular interests and creativity to make it happen for yourself. The opportunities are there regardless of race, color, creed, political affiliation, religious orientation or anything like that. You and I, no matter where we come from, we have opportunity out there if we’re willing to do what it takes to take advantage of it.’’

Describing himself as ‘‘The Rational Right,’’ Merrick has been touring in support of his new book and recently argued politics on Air America Radio. Though not specifically a political book, Merrick said he did debate the Republican side of economic issues during his appearance on the Democrat radio network.

In addition to signing books at Chautauqua Mall Saturday, Merrick said he will be more than willing to discuss his instructions to making money as well as his success. A portion of money made from book sales will be donated to charity. For more information on Merrick, visit InstructionsToMoney.com and RDJCatalog.com.






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