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Daniel is a Messianic Jew (a Jew that believes in Messiah) and Messinaic Apologist contending for the One True FAITH Eph 4. His dynamic evangelistic style brings the love of Yah God into every aspect of the show to reach the world for Messiah. Dan has worked with ministry and missions for over 25 years while he was an officer in the Army and since retirement participated in a mission Ukraine and Russia, and ministry in song, street ministry, witnessing,  live concerts and revivals.Dan’s Album “Aliyah” has been welcomed in to many denominational settings throughout the world  and has toured over the last 21 years to raise funds for missions and Ministry. Dr Dan’s song “Like Stephen” hit #33 on the CCM countdown with Bob Sour in 1993 and has won several ASCAP Music Awards for his works and compositions in the Popular Music Award annual recognition.  Dan has been on the Radio with “Faith Radio” and his many books and Bible translations which deals with everything from Yah-like finance and business start ups to sanctification from idolatry and sin. Tune in “Yah’s Way TV”  to see exciting guests and hear praise and worship music from the latest Messianic and Christian artists as well as teachings on ‘Biblical Correct’ faith by Dr. Dan each week. Also visit and Join our online fellowship at YahsSpace.Org now with over 1700 members world wide.

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3 thoughts on “Watch Yah’s Way TV

  1. An Observation:

    Truth sets us free…Amein

    Truth that is only a partial truth, well that is a lie. It binds, destroys, hurts and manipulates others into thinking it to be Truth who have no knowledge and are listening to others who set themselves up to be leadership.

    My observation is this…each is responsible for his or her own actions and words.

    Let us speak Truth, in Love and set ourselves and others free.

    Let us also be wary of the wolves in sheep clothing who come in with partial truth to make themselves look good, look guilt free, and to place blame on other weaker vessels.

    Let us pray for discernment always and be ready for an answer in due season.

    Let us not be silent when we hear or see a partial truth which leads to destruction, because it is a lie, under cover of a small bit of Truth to disguise and to manipulate.

    Let us pray for those who use this partial truth tactic while building their own kingdom before it is too late.

    Time is too short for this to e going on in Yahwehs family. Let us pray for Truth revealed.

    We are our brothers / sisters keeper in this regard.

    Let us stand strong, Sword of the Spirit at the ready, to divide and to cut off the falsehood before it totally destroys our weaker vessels in the House of the Master.

    We must stand for something, else we shall fall for anything.

    Let us stop the utilizing of the Word to cut and to demolish those who are developing skills to understand.

    We must stop infighting and stop the leaders who would step all over the flock, lie and connive to show themselves to be as gods.

    THIS MUST STOP. Half Truths, are LIES.

    And lies, half truths at the expense of others, destroys faith that is growing in them, turning them away instead of bringing them i n to the TRUTH.

    THIS must stop. Those with the means must help to shout the mouths of the liars. Before it becomes a fire, too far and wide to quench.

    How does one who has the means to stop this? BY TRUTH, the Water of the Word puts out the fires of falsehood.


  2. Many prayers are needed for Israel as the rockets descend on this nation. I pray that Yah will keep the Jewish people safe & secure. May this be a short conflict that will not take the lives of the defense personnel. Let us all pray for a safe Israel. Brother Hayden Myrick-Bowers.

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